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Two thousand summers have imparted to the monuments of Grecian literature, as to her marbles, only a maturer golden and autumnal tint, for they have carried their own serene and celestial atmosphere into all lands to protect them against the corrosion of time.
Glaucon has more of the liveliness and quick sympathy of youth; Adeimantus has the maturer judgment of a grown-up man of the world.
Here hast thou, in thy maturer age, taught poetry to tickle not the fancy, but the pride of the patron.
We had identified the unhappy woman whom I had met in the night-time with Anne Catherick--we had made some advance, at least, towards connecting the probably defective condition of the poor creature's intellect with the peculiarity of her being dressed all in white, and with the continuance, in her maturer years, of her childish gratitude towards Mrs.
His observation of Ellen was less marked, but notwithstanding the warlike and chastened expression of his eye, there was much of the homage, which man is made to pay to woman, even in the more cursory look he sometimes turned on her maturer and perhaps more animated beauty.
Tracy Tupman--the too susceptible Tupman, who to the wisdom and experience of maturer years superadded the enthusiasm and ardour of a boy in the most interesting and pardonable of human weaknesses--love.
Ogg's, that there had been no highly modifying influence to act on them in their maturer life.
Literature is taking a maturer form, many injurious prejudice have been rooted up and turned into ridicule.
As infatuations go, however, new knowledge and maturer ideals can erode earlier unquestioned devotion.
An editorial published Thursday on Ta Kung Pao said Sino-British relations are much steadier and maturer than 18 years ago when Hong Kong returned to the motherland.
She scoops [euro]1,000 to spend at 50-plus fashion brand JD Williams and a 12-month contract with modelling agency Mrs Robinson which specialises in maturer models.
With such an armoury already under his fingers, he is well-equipped to bring a deep structural and emotional awareness in maturer years.