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An editorial published Thursday on Ta Kung Pao said Sino-British relations are much steadier and maturer than 18 years ago when Hong Kong returned to the motherland.
With such an armoury already under his fingers, he is well-equipped to bring a deep structural and emotional awareness in maturer years.
He was a slow maturer but he's always had a very level temperament and a great attitude.
With strippeddown ballads, this shows off an impressive maturer side.
He stressed that she would make a more sound career decision when she's maturer, and that she's allowed to follow whichever career path she chooses.
Maturer ladies shouldn't be afraid of bold arty prints, choose one graphic piece in a flattering cut.
Judiciaries maturer than ours have fallen prey to taking sides: Bush vs.
Is Wales still locked into what Harvard's Susan Moore Johnson calls "industrial unionism", full of ultra-defensiveness, instead of the maturer approach of "reform unionism" which deals with strategic and personnel issues in a collaborative, problem-solving approach?
This is in agreement with Burstone9 where he noted that early maturer tend to have greater rate of adolescent growth than late maturer.
In youth an insatiable student seeking the highest culture; in riper years teacher, writer, critic of literature and art; in maturer age companion and helper of many earnest reformers in America and Europe.
Daniel Radliffe (Harry Potter), Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) and Emma Watson (Hermione Granger) all return, older and maturer but more uncertain about their relationships.
I personally don't think it's the credit crunch - it's mostly maturer people who take it up, it isn't people that are going to get rich quick.