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The Northeast represents 30% of the total, followed by the Pacific and Southeast regions, each with almost 20% of maturing loans.
2 billion two-tranche Eurobond in July with one issue of $500 million of bonds maturing in 2016 and $700 million of bonds maturing in 2022.
Savers with a maturing Tessa can already re-invest up to pounds 9,000 tax-free in a Tessa-only ISA (TOISA) in contrast with the normal maximum investment allowed in a mini cash ISA of pounds 3,000.
But Jesus is saying much more than that; there is a necessity here for the maturing of his disciples, that he had to die and go away.
The Lebanese government plans to sell $500 million of bonds maturing in eight years, with yields in the range of 5.
In addition to the long bond, the government issues debt securities maturing at various times.
The slip-up prevents the protein from maturing and reaching its cell-surface destination, the researchers report in the Nov.