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Mother Maudlin was a retched old witch, and Scathlock says he is yet more sure that the raven was she, because in her own form he has just seen her broiling the raven's bone by the fire, sitting "In the chimley-nuik within.
Of course this was not Maid Marian at all, but Mother Maudlin, the old witch, who had taken her form in order to make mischief.
When Mother Maudlin comes to thank Maid Marian for her present, she is told that no such present was ever intended, and so she in anger curses the cook, casting spells upon him:
And certain too it is that Mother Maudlin has done it.
Mother Maudlin then calls for Puck-hairy, her goblin.
The good people get happily married and all the bad people become good, even the wicked old witch, Mother Maudlin.
And being led and tempted on by this remorseful thought into a condition which the evil-minded class before referred to would term the maudlin state or stage of drunkenness, it occurred to Mr Swiveller to cast his hat upon the ground, and moan, crying aloud that he was an unhappy orphan, and that if he had not been an unhappy orphan things had never come to this.
Haslett writes of these characters with great compassion and empathy and seems to understand them from the inside out without ever being maudlin.
There's a kind of maudlin comedy to where Marshall, determined to shun the spectacular, chooses to point his eyes.
Approached like fiction, the movie's protagonist and a cast of characters re--enact a quest that blends humour and pathos, without ever getting maudlin.
Just when TA's mates feared for the worst, due to the aforementioned outbreak of maudlin sentimentality, Alva regained his sanity and began overtly plugging his products.