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The warning signs from the visiting pack were clearly visible and it was no surprise that they opted for another line-out and maul in the RGC 22.
That leaves Rolling Maul on a mark of 85, but given he has shouldered National Hunt weights in the past, a burden just short of 10st will hardly feel too heavy.
Keen for rugby to be a mixture of forwards and backs play, he added: "I do think the maul is difficult to defend against.
The rolling maul is one aspect of our game when we get the opportunity, you take it.
Using the maul will build upper body strength and is a good workout for the heart.
MAUL OVER IT: Keith Wood has issued Twickers warning
For a teenager who raps about pill-popping, suicide and sexual exploits, Maul has surprisingly solid judgment, thanks to his grandmother's firm hand in raising him.
They were over again four minutes later when prop Matthews fell of the side of another maul for the second try.
Last month some of them have gone for a strike demanding Maul.
l actually used the splitting maul in the photo to open up the log before using an Osage Orange billet to drive the froe.
In this massive dissertation, Michael Maul makes a major contribution to placing Leipzig on the map of well-researched centers of baroque secular music.
com)-- Long Realty is pleased to announce Veteran associate broker Gregg Maul has rejoined Long Realty Company, bringing his more than 16 years of experience and expertise.