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Keen for rugby to be a mixture of forwards and backs play, he added: "I do think the maul is difficult to defend against.
The rolling maul is one aspect of our game when we get the opportunity, you take it.
October 6, 2015 Maul Dogs invades the world REDBOX, ITUNES, AMAZON, GOOGLEPLAY AND XBOX so let the smiles, laughs, hilarity, and cult like following begin.
Using the maul will build upper body strength and is a good workout for the heart.
On the hour mark Doolan grabbed his second try from a driving maul as Park secured the bonus point and Hall again converted.
There is a chance both teams might think 'let's attack it a bit differently', then fake to the maul and go elsewhere," said Kiss.
MAUL OVER IT: Keith Wood has issued Twickers warning
For a teenager who raps about pill-popping, suicide and sexual exploits, Maul has surprisingly solid judgment, thanks to his grandmother's firm hand in raising him.
But it was only brief respite, as home hooker Hutchinson again crashed off the side of a maul to claim the try, Howell's conversion pushing the score out to 29-7.
Maul has to work around the lack of an opera archive or even its remnants, as well as the loss of most scores.
There is only one company that delivers quality service to its agents and clients, with an umbrella of exciting charisma, and that is Long Realty Company," Maul said.
Beefing up the pack to cope with the demands of the returning driving maul, Falcons rugby director Bates has recruited the likes of hefty forwards James Hudson, Filipo Levi and Josh Afu to add weight to the Newcastle argument.