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On December 10, the lion mauling victim, Lourdes Hingco Abejuela died from the severity of wounds she had suffered.
Prompted by a pit bull's mauling of an 11-month-old Palmdale girl, Los Angeles County supervisors told county officials Tuesday to draft a proposed law to regulate the breeding of pit bulls and rottweilers.
Munster produced a display of almost astonishing forward strength against Castres at Thomond Park last night, pummelling the French side into the ground with a fabulous display of mauling.
JOE COLE is determined to banish bitter memories of a Manchester United mauling at Stamford Bridge on Sunday.
This became ever more obvious after Roy Horn's horrific onstage mauling by a tiger in Las Vegas October 3.
It was a similar story in the early phases of the second half with the Nuns forwards dictating the set piece play while rucking and mauling with authority, turning possession over on numerous occasions.
AN OPINION poll showing Labour is less popular than ever will heap further pressure on Gordon Brown today as he seeks to recover from last week's local election mauling.
Pit bull advocates say the breed gets an unfair rap simply because the media hypes the occasional mauling or killing they inflict.
After the horrific mauling in Glendale, and the long list of other victims, it's time for county leaders to risk the political fallout and consider new rules on the more aggressive breeds of dogs, such as Rottweilers and pit bulls.
The 150-pound dog, which was loose in the yard, attacked and bit the woman several times on her arm before grabbing Cassandra, dragging her up the driveway and mauling her.
Ollie and Buddy, the young chimpanzees killed after mauling West Covina residents St.
A West Covina man remained in critical condition Friday following a vicious attack by two chimps who took turns mauling him while his defenseless wife tried in vain to fight off the animals to save her husband.