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Swansea have a good driving maul and in these conditions you can look at conceding a couple of tries but to give them four was down to our lack of discipline.
Scrum illegalities, which all packs -- including England -- indulge in, might cost three points but what Australia do with their driving mauls is equally illegal and it rewards them with tries and many more points than any number of scrum infringements," he wrote in the Daily Telegraph.
It has decided any player making a high or so-called choke tackle around the neck runs the risk of being sin-binned or sent off and deemed dangerous clean-outs around the neck at rucks and mauls must be penalised.
While browsing the various comments related to the 'lion mauls American' story, one stated 'Perhaps we should look at why these lions are aggressive', to which my immediate response was- 'because they are wild'.
Pivac was baffled by the decision by Irish referee Dudley Phillips in the 78th minute to penalise replacement Rob McCusker at an offensive driving maul which set up the platform for the crucial try from JJ Hanrahan.
We aren't going to cheat using a hydraulic wood splitter (of course if I owned one I wouldn't consider it cheating), but using wedges and a maul.
That's why golf club heads, loom shuttles and circus mauls (for driving tent stakes) were made from persimmon, as well as mauls for splitting (riving) shingles and yard-fence boards with a froe.
Nathan Hines 6 Typically abrasive performance in the rucks and mauls as well as making some sweet off-loads.
Rugby purists and traditionalists from the Northern Hemisphere breathed a triumphant sigh of relief when the IRB binned the particular ELV that allowed mauls to be pulled down.
Admitting the removal of the Experimental Law Variation (ELV) that allowed mauls to be pulled down has provided some defensive headaches at Kingston Park, Falcons assistant coach Tait said the hard work is well under way to verse the whole squad in how to deal with the ageold ploy.
The conference recommended the law allowing mauls to be pulled down should be thrown out.
Rolling mauls will be relegated to the ranks of fond memories.