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Penalties will continue to be awarded for blocking, by players who join a maul in front of the ballcarrier, but the so-called "truck and trailer", when a player detaches and then reattaches to the back of a maul will be punished with a freekick.
In case you're not familiar, a maul is an axe/sledgehammer combination.
The international law-makers dispensed with that trialled variation, much to the delight of those that feel the maul and all its driving might plays an integral role in rugby union.
ALAN TAIT is steeling the Newcastle Falcons for the nightmare return of the maul.
ELVs NOT RECOMMENDED FOR ADOPTION INTO LAW Law 17 - Maul - Head and shoulders not to be lower than hips.
But next year, an Irishman bound into that maul in defence would - at considerable risk to life and limb - be able simply to pull the tide of blue shirts to the floor and halt its momentum.
Once again Northampton were dominating possession but they could not find a way through the Newcastle defence and the game ended with a series of driving rucks and mauls in midfield which the Falcons were perfectly happy with.
All three Bridlington scores came from rolling mauls, two going to prop fowards and the other from a back row man.
Four of Munster's five tries came as a result of rolling mauls, a tactic that Castres were simply unable to cope with.
Straeuli added: ``For the first time,England got penalised for what I call `streetwise' infringements at rucks and mauls.
The Wallabies coach described the fearsome mauls as simply a much bigger, "road-train" version of the offence known as 'truck and trailer', which involves the ball carrier being preceded into a tackle by one of his own players.