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There is still tremendous opportunity for our company in domestic and many international markets," Maunder continued.
A former European partner and department head for Knight Frank (residential) in South Wales, Ms Maunder will work for the Cardiff company on a consultancy basis.
The new range of five lines includes whole birds, breast fillets and thighs and is being supplied by specialist Lloyd Maunder.
West Bromwich's 2 Sisters Food Group has bought South West poultry firm Lloyd Maunder for an undisclosed sum.
The customer, Lloyd Maunder, major supplier of poultry and red meat to the retail sector, has had a long-standing relationship with Packaging Automation and did not hesitate to go back when it wanted new machines.
SCOUTING AROUND: Cubs (from left) Conner Maunder, aged eight, Nichol Maunder, six, and Sam Back, eight, fill black bags, and (below) Pete Reddington, of the 25th Abbotsfarm Scouts, supervises the clean-up in High Street.
Nick Bellamy got one back, converted by debutant outsidehalf Mathew Maunder, but the writing was on the wall for Wanderers.
OKLAHOMA CITY, June 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Darryl Maunder, environmental engineering manager at Kerr-McGee's Jacobs Ranch Mine in northern Wyoming, was recently named "Reclamationist of the Year" by the American Society for Surface Mining and Reclamation.
One well-known period of low solar magnetism identified from tree-ring studies is the Maunder minimum, which lasted from about A.
Mobile, multiplayer gaming is expected to grow rapidly within the next twelve months and Kayak and IOMO are leading the way," says Andrew Maunder, CEO of Kayak Interactive.
Small meat producers are being invited to take a guest spot at their local Lloyd Maunder butchers' shop, as part of a new initiative in which farmers sell directly to shop customers.
Catherine Maunder, a partner with Knight Frank New Homes, said: "While we are very definitely hitting a rocky road, the property market in South Wales isn't quite as doom and gloom as some reports would have it.