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This last definition of maundering is introduced because the usual sceptical state - dreaming - is not maximally congenial for the sceptic since, although dreaming precludes perceiving, it does not necessarily preclude competent intellection.
Brueckner's paper is premised on the assumption that the sceptical state under examination is dreaming; we shall keep to the spirit of Wright's project and talk of maundering. No serious damage is done to Brueckner's arguments as a result.
The second depends on the following thought: since maundering was defined expressly to exclude competent intellectual function, then, for all x and t, where Q is any proposition which x has no grounds for believing before t, and can acquire a warrant to believe at t only by competent intellection, we have that
Suppose (I) x's belief that he is not maundering (not M) is such that he must acquire a warrant for it by proper execution of some procedure.
(3) there is a [t.sub.3] when x has a warrant for believing that he was not maundering