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The absence of fathers is noticeable not because of any mawkish sentiment engendered either in the characters or the audience but because of the effect that absent patriarchs have on the characters' ability to reach their more permanent home.
It's a movie both mawkish and whimsical but, boy oh boy, does it deliver in the last 40 minutes or so.
The black-and-white polish of "Concrete Night" is as sleek and lovely as it was in "3 Rooms," but this mawkish bummer about an ill-used teenage boy wandering around a surreally forbidding Helsinki is marred by a facile nihilism that trivializes the urban alienation it seeks to illuminate.
I KNOW C4's Derek, starring Ricky Gervais had been mocked as mawkish and mushy but I like its gentleness.
The old Etonian may have an industrial cv, but the mawkish idea of using corpses for heating, cooking and lighting and powering the television, isn''t exactly a theological concept.
He warned of "excessive reverence" for the forces, adding: "Some of this is good and laudable and some is pretty mawkish.
Lewis Colick's screenplay veers between the metaphysical and the mawkish.
Ditto the so-called safety charity BRAKE with its usual mawkish comments about 'families traumatically bereaved by speed' and over-simplistic, over-emotional arguments.
She is far from miserable and mawkish, even though she put out albums called "Sad Girl" and "The Maudlin Years" (the latter which Costello praised as one of the "500 Greatest Albums at All Times").
This is exactly what happened with Princess Diana, and when we look back at all the mawkish emotion displayed then, most people feel slightly nauseous.
There are a few rather self-indulgent and slightly mawkish moments scattered throughout the program, but overall, this is a simply stunning debut from an artist who, frighteningly enough, will probably only get better and better as time goes on.
Stop depressing everyone with all these mawkish tales of tragedy from non-entities we neither know nor care about.