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We also admired the brave tackling of cavernous bass pedal-notes in Tavener's mawkish Song for Athene, but relished most of all a subtle manifestation of the Frank Bridge/ Benjamin Britten connection.
Just some of us are left to wonder how far this mawkish public relations exercise is going to go.
And in the astonishing email to a 17-year-old animal rights campaigner, the right wing East Midlands MEP added: "I think it's mawkish, sentimental and unhelpful to adopt a Bambi attitude to animals.
The show has one moment of near-enchantment in the dance duet between Tyrone and spoilt-brat Iris (Ellie Tyrell), thankfully free of Jacques Levy's mawkish lyrics.
In mawkish rom-com The American President, Michael Douglas (left) played the big chief who fell for his lobbyist.
The Learning zone had a "mawkish" film, while the Money zone was "tacky and incoherent" and the Faith zone was "dull and unsuccessful", said the magazine.
The show's lack of ambition is an embarrassment, supplying an onslaught of mawkish MOR whose pinnacle would be the new Ronan Keating, Jane McDonald or Daniel O'Connell.
David Hill's tempo throughout, but particularly in the chorales, kept the whole oratorio flowing at a pace which never flagged or became over-ponderous and mawkish. Much added drama was created by some very effective choral interjections delivered with sharp incisiveness.
There's a decent movie in here somewhere, but this is a muddled, mawkish mess.
In less astute hands such a song could have come across as mawkish and sentimental, but from the E dgbaston-based songwriter it was simply honest and moving.
In any case, it is very slickly done and if you like the original records you should enjoy these performances of them, with the documentary element reduced to slide projection and a few mawkish but mercifully brief links between the various stars.
INSPIRATIONAL parenting pep talks mix awkwardly with vigilante violence in this mawkish and misjudged foster family comedy drama, from the maker of Mark Wahlberg's Daddy's Home films.