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McBride later wrote for the great literary magazine The Dial, edited by the poet Marianne Moore, and Creative Art, where his column was mawkishly called "The Palette Knife.
Now, with the growth of political correctness, a false, mawkishly sentimentalised view of children and childhood has been allowed to pervade education.
All of this probably sounds depressing and it certainly could have turned out to be mawkishly sentimental.
The other is a mawkishly sentimental moral tale in which the beast's savage breast is soothed by music, courtesy of blind piano tuner Morgan Freeman and his violin prodigy step-daughter Kerry Condon who take him in and unlock his humanity when he escapes from Bart following a gangland clash.
In the wrong, insensitive, hands a plot like that could easily turn into either a strident lecture on gay rights or something mawkishly sloppy and embarrassing.
As I listened to day after day of their mawkishly sentimental tributes, and their forthright condemnation of journalists who'd hounded the Princess, I wondered if this was the same Good Morning that used to devote hours of airtime to the latest royal gossip, and regularly speculated about Diana's love affairs.
The natural order of life, that adults prepare children to take their place in society as responsible citizens, has been replaced by the mawkishly sentimental view of children as angelic and wise beings, 'trailing clouds of glory' from Heaven, as Wordsworth said.
A pity then that, given the book's pleasing occasional dark tone, Minkoff has doused it with some mawkishly cloying sentimentality that even five-year-olds might find a bit manipulative.
It is not my fault that over the years successive adaptations, including the Muppets film, have mawkishly sentimentalised and anaesthetised this toughest of tales.