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All the usual nutters will be there, wearing single gloves, shuffling mawkishly around Leicester Square Odeon and weeping tears over the "King of Pop.
Welsh's latest sewer-dredged missive is both his most stomach-turning and mawkishly sentimental novel to date.
The inevitable confrontation between Anna and Vivienne over a kind of possession of our pilgrim plays less mawkishly than it should -- again, thanks to Conroy.
Good to see you are following Boris' advice and not getting mawkishly sentimental over the passing of one of our own.
Tech aspects are OK; Patrice Rushen's score is a tad more mawkishly conventional than material needs.
That's what can happen when you're that mawkishly open about the "spiritual" aspect of your art.
It ranges from the mawkishly mumsy Beautiful Girl to the pseudo-seductive Sweet Pleasure, a song with all the sex appeal of housebrick.
Worse, the mawkishly caring tones of his "Our Tune" slot contrasted sharply with numerous stories of angry confrontations between him and any studio manager who didn't treat him with the respect he felt he merited.
McBride later wrote for the great literary magazine The Dial, edited by the poet Marianne Moore, and Creative Art, where his column was mawkishly called "The Palette Knife.
Now, with the growth of political correctness, a false, mawkishly sentimentalised view of children and childhood has been allowed to pervade education.
All of this probably sounds depressing and it certainly could have turned out to be mawkishly sentimental.