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Jones, who signed to Mustard in 2012, has already picked up gongs for his ChildLine work, which shuns mawkishness and ends up being
Popular music is only capable of conveying excitement or Plangent mawkishness. (Occasionally, it manages to combine the two, as I now realise looking back at Joy Division.) The teenage brain responds to the uncomplicated pleasures of excitement just as self-indulgently wallowing in mawkishness soothes the adolescent solipsist.
Her mawkishness tempers at later stages of the book when she reflects solicitously on her uncertainty about marriage and the decision to abandon her old life for early risings and long days on the farm.
Spielberg's unrivalled handling of action scenes ensures a stirring denouement to a film that flirts with mawkishness but never goes further than first base.
It's narcotic mawkishness, with notes played on heartstrings like a 12-string guitar.
Yet when routed through objects less immediately acquiescent to poetry--as in Other, a discarded lavender soda cup lid with two straws tucked into its drinking hole like sweethearts nestled together; or an untitled duo of squashed beer cans in blue resin, a pair of streetwise perfect lovers that nods toward Jasper Johns and the clearer influence of Felix Gonzalez-Torres (along with Jim Hodges, Robert Gober, and others)--the artist's tendency toward sentimentality is less prone to prescriptiveness, and to the kind of mawkishness that can attend it.
His is no facile solution and he brings the drama to its close without sentimentality or mawkishness.
Gone is the mawkishness and moralizing of Author, in Vanishing Point; gone too the simple exhaustion of Writer, in This Is Not a Novel; indeed, not since the days of Reader himself--the first of these homunculi, and by comparison blithely egocentric and old-fashioned, the most resembling a "real" fictional character--has a Markson novel been so free of the weight of closure; free, paradoxically, of the need to end (and end breathtakingly!).
Chatting about her two favourite subjects, she revealed: "They're bigger than my head." Thursday's curtain-raiser featured much mawkishness over Harvey's travails while rent-a-quote Katie and her "shocked" manager Claire Powell lashed out at Press intrusion.
Look carefully at his statement: ``The point of the leader was to criticise the slight culture of mawkishness and sentimentality in this country which one associates with the death of the Princess of Wales, '' it said.
Fair and balanced treatment of victims has nothing to do with slanting stories, distorting or omitting fact, or with sentimentalism or mawkishness or even advocacy.
Long widowed, Nesbitt remains very much in love with her late husband, something that is warmly communicated to those around her without any degree of mawkishness. In death, her promise of a special scarf for Kerr is what brings the couple back together--Grant delivers it and finally discovers why Kerr did not make their Empire State Building rendezvous.