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A few critics cited some mundane prose and mawkishness, but overall, O'Nan successfully captures life's sheer possibilities, even when the odds seem stacked against success.
Spielberg's unrivalled handling of action scenes ensures a stirring denouement to a film that flirts with mawkishness but never goes further than first base.
It's narcotic mawkishness, with notes played on heartstrings like a 12-string guitar.
Perplexed by references to meadows and flower petals falling through their fingers, the children sharply rebuke the speaker's mawkishness, their resentment at the ridiculous notion apparent: "Leave us quiet in the dark of the coal-shadows, / From your pleasures fair and fine
Normally rational people (and Daily Mail readers) are queuing up to hail the John Lewis festive heartstring-puller as mankind's greatest-ever cultural achievement, a Sistine Chapel of mawkishness that's apparently a lone flicker of light in the yawning abyss of recession-depression.
Rather, I maintain traditional teaching on both sides, believing that lowering Christology or qur'anic theology would simply be out of fear of potentially offending the other and thus a form of theological mawkishness.
Yet when routed through objects less immediately acquiescent to poetry--as in Other, a discarded lavender soda cup lid with two straws tucked into its drinking hole like sweethearts nestled together; or an untitled duo of squashed beer cans in blue resin, a pair of streetwise perfect lovers that nods toward Jasper Johns and the clearer influence of Felix Gonzalez-Torres (along with Jim Hodges, Robert Gober, and others)--the artist's tendency toward sentimentality is less prone to prescriptiveness, and to the kind of mawkishness that can attend it.
The mawkishness is not merely soap opera-ish preening but, I suspect, soap Oprah-ish auditioning; an article on Henrietta Lacks by Skloot appeared in O, The Oprah Magazine, and Winfrey's production company will be coproducing an HBO movie based on The Immortal Life.
His is no facile solution and he brings the drama to its close without sentimentality or mawkishness.
The subject lends itself all too easily to mawkishness, but here, the cat, "surrendered / to her own thick bliss" as the kittens appear, is anything but cute.
The film avoids mawkishness by clinging to Bauby's physical reality and maintaining his mordant humour.
The vaguely "Odd Couple"-ish pairing is "Rounding Third's" draw, not any peripheral "ode to baseball" mawkishness.