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Damstra considered that a rapid maxillary arch expansion in orthodontic treatment led to change in transversal size of the medioproximal end of the palatal rugae but it did not influence the anterioposterior size.
All had maxillary arch 2 x 4 appliances, some combined with headgear, as needed.
I-spacer in maxillary arch, based on selective-pressure technique, covers the incisive papilla and midpalatine raphe when it is prominent (Figure 13).
The differences between the affected and healthy group in maxillary arch depth was on average 3.
1,2) These individuals also present the long face or adenoid facies syndrome, showing an elongation of the inferior facial height, slightly open lips, narrow maxillary arch, deep palate and Class II malocclusion.
Measurements were taken at the highest contact points or at the widest mesiodistal widths of all permanent teeth from right to left first molars of the maxillary arch.
Intraoral examination revealed the presence of completely edentulous upper and lower arches, with moderately resorbed maxillary arch in the first and second molar regions.
Maxillary impacted central incisors were successfully positioned in the maxillary arch by surgical exposure and orthodontic traction.
Teeth present in maxillary arch were 11, 16, 17, 21, 26, 27 and 36, 46 in mandibular arch (Fig 3).
In this case report, the immediate implant placement and immediate loading of a full maxillary arch is described.
Results of this study indicate that the mandibular arch show more partially edentulous than maxillary arch.