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Maximal, a privately-held, Chinese OEM for utility and standard lift trucks and specialized material handling equipment founded in 2006, is involved in the design, manufacture, service and distribution of Class 1 electric and Class 5 internal combustion engine counterbalance utility and standard platforms, and Class 2 and Class 3 electric warehouse products in both the local Chinaand global markets under the Maximal and SAMUK brands.
2] max) earlier than the 3 minutes described by the specialists in ergo-physiology as being an essential methodical prerequisite for the body's entry into the maximal oxygen consumption.
The participants carried out a standardized warm-up with both chainrings and standard pedals, followed by four maximal 8 s sprints against a friction force of 0.
p] (1 < p < [infinity]) consisting of weights [phi] for which the Hardy-Littlewood maximal operator M is bounded in [L.
A total of 15 subjects (13 males and 2 females) with an age range of 19 to 43 participated in a graded exercise test to maximal exertion and/or volitional fatigue as well as a 20-min maximal steady-state self-selected effort.
The maximal motor blockade attained and the time taken to achieve it were recorded in both the phases.
We interpret the signed nested complex N(T) in terms of the contraction poset on signed spines on T, and its dual graph in terms of flips between maximal signed spines on T.
In this article, we present two pattern-growth based algorithms, DIMASP-C and DIMASP-D, to Discover all the Maximal Sequential Patterns in a document collection and in a single document respectively.
Although these criteria have been used extensively, there has been controversy surrounding the validity of them to indicate maximal effort.
If the maximal set A contains an element u which has the property that a < u, for all a [member of] A, then u is called the uni-element of A.