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In the maximal voluntary co-contraction task, EMG data during the middle 3 s of maximal effort (5 s) were analyzed in each muscle and averaged across two trials, and EMGs of each muscle during the maximal voluntary co-contraction task are expressed as the value relative to those during MVC of each muscle (% EMGmax).
This construction allows us to reformulate questions about equalities and inequalities between minors (of various sizes) in terms of analogous questions for the positive Grassmannian, involving only maximal k x k minors (the Plucker coordinates).
In this study EMG activity, concurrent 80 percent of maximal voluntary contraction was recorded from the vastus lateralis muscle.
6--Ideotype with maximal specific adaptability to favorable environments and stability in adverse environments (ideotype VI): maximal response in favorable environments and intermediate response in unfavorable environments, with highest yields in favorable environments and moderate yields in unfavorable environments.
Maximal stress values were similar for all preparation types and in all cases they were recorded under the preparation line.
In this paper, we present two pattern-growth based algorithms, DIMASP-C and DIMASP-D, to Discover all the Maximal Sequential Patterns in a document collection and in a single document respectively.
Take the difference between your maximal and sitting rates, multiply it by 0.
Briefly, the EMG (RMS) data during the middle 3 s of maximal effort (5 s) for both MVC and abdominal bracing tasks were analyzed in each muscle and averaged across two trials (Maeo et al.
Since every maximal subgroup of P is E-supplemented in G, we have G is p-nilpotent by [6, Theorem 3.
On the other side of the equation, if you get up to 85 percent maximal effort, your anaerobic system has taken over.
A member of the team, Jason Tallis, found that high doses of caffeine enhanced power output by 6 percent under both maximal and sub-maximal activities.