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and employed to transform the maximization problem (1) as follows:
Thus, this causes reduction of waiting time of processes to some extent resulting in efficient usage of cloud resources and profit maximization for the cloud service provider since comparatively more number of requests can be processed in the same time.
So the optimal trade execution problem becomes the maximization of expected revenues.
Influence maximization on static networks has attracted a great deal of attention.
Many textbooks address free enterprise capitalism solely by explaining profit maximization. Typical descriptions of profit maximization reinforce students' negative perceptions of business.
Keywords: Clustering, Expected Maximization, Gaussian Mixture Model, Maximum Likelihood
In this case their value maximization would become a mirage.
Pension maximization provides that third option: maximum pension payout and survivor benefits for the spouse--the best of both worlds.
The reason is that, given the parameters of matching in the context of consumer choice, where the schedules that govern performance are close analogues of the ratio schedules imposed in the operant laboratory, both maximization and matching theories predict a similar pattern of choice, one that eventuates in maximization.
The findings also suggest that executive compensation has played an important role in providing incentives for top managers to make strategic decisions that conform to the shareholder-value maximization principle.
Why is the economic way (wealth maximization) a better moral philosophy than Utilitarianism?