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While this assertion is remarkably similar to a statement from The Wealth of Nations (Smith 1937:423), neither version necessitates profit maximization.
If pension maximization truly is in your client's best interest, advise them of the advantages.
And at no time did he advance shareholder value maximization as an appropriate corporate purpose.
The CEO should embrace the goal of profit maximization over time and understand that a strategy rooted in manufacturing and marketing focus, rather than capacity expansion and sales growth, is the right path forward.
When a large number of la companies shift their priorities from profit maximization to debt minimization all at the same time, a fallacy of composition problem is created where Adam Smith's invisible hand works in the Opposite direction by shrinking both the economy and the money supply.
Resource maximization is a multidisciplinary management approach to identifying and evaluating an organization's resources and corresponding risks.
In fact, economic classes inform students that only behavior consistent with individual utility maximization may be called 'rational.
Scitovszky's seminal paper [29] demonstrates that under certain circumstances the entrepreneur may trade-off income for leisure giving rise to the possibility of income effects on production and inconsistency of utility and profit maximization.
The Hardware Value Maximization solution enables hardware manufacturers to alter their products without having to significantly modify product layout or manufacturing.
OneTree Solutions demonstrated how they are working together with IBM on their new cloud platform, the IBM Workload Deployer (IWD), and how their solution enables businesses to take a scientific approach to revenue maximization, and realize the most profitable customized pricing for deal optimization.
NEC's Mevalet technology is designed to seek out performance bottlenecks in applications and their supporting infrastructure toward maximization of multi-tiered application performance," said Nik Kishinoue, General Manager at NEC Corporation.