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He used additional language that approaches profit "maximization," but when carefully examined it falls short of endorsing the inflexibility that maximization requires (1937:423).
Advisors aren't strangers to pension maximization, but as more and more boomers retire and make decisions about their pensions, it's wise to review some sticking points of pension maximization in order to provide the best advice to clients.
Now, if it does not sound quite right to describe the New Deal regulatory state as "loving," perhaps a modification of the operative statement of opposing ideological positions can be accepted--instead of love and money, we can oppose cooperation and competition, and stability and maximization.
Compatibility makes profit maximization possible, and an advanced management approach enables metalcasters to make good on that opportunity.
Nextronex Energy Systems is dedicated to becoming "the first name" in commercial and utility scale solar inverters, supplying complete energy maximization systems for photovoltaic arrays globally.
Because [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] can be positive or negative, it follows that the equilibrium unit cost of talent under win maximization [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] can be above or below the marginal revenue [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], depending on the size of the wage- turnover ratio [?
Price premium investigations involve finding the price point for profit maximization (see exhibit).
In the aftermath of the information technology bubble and its excesses, it is likely that the unseen factor is the corporate desire to strengthen balance sheets overcoming the usual drive for profit maximization.
Scitovszky's seminal paper [29] demonstrates that under certain circumstances the entrepreneur may trade-off income for leisure giving rise to the possibility of income effects on production and inconsistency of utility and profit maximization.
The Hardware Value Maximization solution enables hardware manufacturers to alter their products without having to significantly modify product layout or manufacturing.
an IBM Business Partner harnessing IBM's leading business analytics and cloud technologies, has showcased its revenue maximization solution at the IBM Impact 2011 Global Conference.