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This makes it possible for a firm to determine how much it is being paid to take different types of risk, and to decide whether and how it should alter the composition and magnitude of its total risk so as to maximize its value.
It would be a shocking coincidence indeed if this bore any resemblance to be the vision that actually maximizes society's well-being.
Thus, an employer with participants earning $200,000 or more can maximize these participants' annual additions to the plan through a 20% profit-sharing contribution ($200,000 X 20% = $40,000).
Some may want to maximize "financial health," others "patient care.
Enhance use of technology and management systems to maximize achievement of Institute goals.
Although these new regulations are directed only at limiting the time for choosing a grouping methodology, their practical effect generally is to limit the opportunity to maximize the calculation of the FSC benefit to the time a tax return is timely filed.