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In other words, the maximizer individual would be willing to support a part of the education of another individual in order to improve his social environment.
"Pricing can be a challenge for credit unions; Margin Maximizer Interactive allows them to make swift and efficient decisions based on the calculated data points that examiners want to see," Russ Bernthal, president of ProfitStars, the division of Jack Henry that developed MMi added.
Specifically, for values of N below N*, the graph of the satisficer correspondence is in fact the curve corresponding to a = 1--the maximizer's curve--because checking all options is the best strategy.
Expanding our view beyond the binary outlooks of normal/broken allows for the possibility that both the Conservator view and the Maximizer view can make sense.
Chief among them: making good-enough decisions and moving on, a practice known as "sat is-king." (Think "satisfying" plus "sufficing.") Unlike satisficers, my fellow maximizers and I tend to be unhappy with our choices--or so a recent study from Florida State University suggests.
Using the nonlinear regression function of GraphPad Prism[R] 5.03 for Windows (GraphPad Software, San Diego, CA,, we derived the k values from the one-phase exponential decay equation across the maximizer and satisficer groups.
A new smartphone app called Paycheck Maximizer has been introduced by the American Payroll Association (APA), the organisation announced on Thursday.
"The Maximizer is ideal for shipping and storing light-duty dry goods, because it maximizes productivity, cost savings, safety, space usage and sustainability," explained Mike Thomas, Buckhorn's new product development manager.
He turned to Maximizer and in May 2010 went live with Maximizer All Access version 11 Group Edition.
NavSemi's highly flexible Energy Maximizer solution is based on Infineon's low-power, 8-bit XC800 MCU, which supports multiple serial interfaces including I2C, UART, SPI and SSP.
Customer relationship management (CRM) software provider Maximizer Software Inc (TSX:MAX) announced on Thursday that the latest Maximizer CRM editions will provide support for Microsoft Windows 7.
A type-I mixed league is a league where the large-market club is a win maximizer and the small-market club a profit maximizer.