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MetroPCS customers can simply turn Data Maximizer off and on at any time in their personal MetroPCS account settings.
Maximizer Mobile CRM began filling in Sippola's vision by permitting CCS supervisors to create customer service cases and enter notes from inspections in realtime on their BlackBerries while at clients' sites, which sped up issue resolution and boosted customer information accuracy and timeliness.
Maximizer CRM 11 Entrepreneur Edition is tailored for businesses with between one and five users and boasts extensive contact management facilities.
Customers using previous versions of Maximizer or Maximizer CRM that want to use it with Windows 7 will need to upgrade to the latest version.
Maximizer Mobile CRM supports the largest number of smartphones in the industry, including BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Palm, HTC Google G1TM and iPhoneTM, as well as Nokia and many other handsets powered by the Symbian operating system.
As social networks and online forums have become an increasingly popular way for IT professionals and software users to share information, Maximizer Software is dedicated to helping our customers network, collaborate and help themselves through Web 2.
Maximizer Enterprise 9 customers span a wide range of industries such as manufacturing, financial services, high-tech, retail and real estate.
Users also realize reductions in equipment, labor, and water usage with the Maximizer H series filter.
Wrap up more frozen food sales with Zero Zone's new Maximizer Wrap-Around Freezer.
Multiple enhancements have been made to expand the "back office" capabilities of the Revenue Maximizer, which is now used by more than 32,000* providers nationwide.
Maximizer has released Maximizer CRM 2016 with several major feature upgrades.
Prior to implementing Maximizer Mobile CRM, our staff had to wait until they returned to the office to synchronize their BlackBerry data with Maximizer CRM," says Roche.