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To measure and maximize their value, firms must be able to measure and manage their total risk, which includes risks pertaining to underwriting, reserves, bonds, stocks and receivables, all measured so that they can be compared and combined.
In our forthcoming article in Academy of Management Review, we argue that the potential exists for a firm to maximize its stock price, but not maximize the profits of the firm, by engaging in socially conscious behavior.
street addresses actually exist and are truly confirmed delivery points for mailing, enabling mailers to reduce UAA mail and maximize postal savings, while meeting the new USPS CASS requirement.
Reliance's Netconnect with Netbooster service is an innovative mobile broadband service targeted at demanding professionals looking to maximize their connectivity at all times.
The PROS mission is to maximize the revenue of each client using PROS' industry-leading revenue optimization science, enterprise profit optimization, and pricing optimization solutions.
Built for salespeople by salespeople, Landslide combines software, collaboration and a live administrative assistant to support the activities and habits of individual salespeople helping maximize their time, drive action and generate results.
With Optimost's powerful new offering, we were able to quickly determine the optimal landing page with the best combination of copy, graphics and layout variables for any given ad creative to better maximize conversion.
provides high-precision, real-time contextual advertising solutions guaranteed to maximize the results and impact of online advertising.
This allows for a scalable, cost-effective, high-speed serial link testing solution that maximizes capital equipment investment.
The Talisma CRM Suite for Higher Education enables learning institutions to maximize the lifetime value of student relationships across all channels of communication using an integrated, scalable, Constituent Interaction Hub and a powerful toolkit of real-time communication products; including telephone, e-mail, one-to-one chat, Web self-service, in-person, and fax.
To help customers maximize the value of IT to their businesses, Computacenter offers services at every stage of infrastructure investment.
Nasdaq:INTU), makers of TurboTax tax preparation software, easily solves this problem by assigning accurate fair market values to donated items, helping customers maximize their charitable deductions so they can save more money.