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After a drought, a plant will require more water than normal, Likewise, an organization that has traditionally focused its energy on maximizing the bottom line may temporarily shift its Pareto Optimum to another quadrant.
While Loeb is not at all convinced that maximizing value means a sale of the entire business, it nevertheless would like management to genuinely and independently consider this option as part of a range of viable value maximizing approaches.
With this in place, SearchForce's bidding engine can incorporate inventory-driven keywords or raise keyword bids on high margin products, maximizing overall profits.
Using Poindexter's flagship POE(TM) Optimization Suite, companies such as America Online, American Express, Continental Airlines, and T-Mobile have significantly enhanced the accuracy and effectiveness of their online advertising initiatives, maximizing their budget efficiency and customer response.
As a result, CPS E2 enables organizations to easily change contact strategies in real-time, maximizing list penetration, better targeting right party contacts, and increasing campaign productivity.
The white paper explores current industry challenges surrounding the IT services market and provides the Channel recommendations for maximizing their return and improving customer retention.