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total quantity or scope: The maximum amount of the tender for the entire duration, Including extensions, Is two million three hundred and ninety-eight thousand four hundred and fifty-two euros (2 398 452.
The Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) denied any amendments to the maximum amount of foreign currency allowed to exit Egypt.
The planning ahead fund is for capital projects to update or expand existing community buildings or facilities, with a maximum amount available to groups of pounds 15,000.
For the previous three years, the maximum amount you could contribute was $3,000, or $3,500 for those who were 50 or older.
The laws of quantum mechanics specify the maximum amount of information that the recipient can extract per particle.
In Letter Ruling 9530038, the IRS approved an arrangement under which an HCE could defer salary under a nonqualified plan and retain the amounts in that plan until the employer performs ADP testing to determine the maximum amount of additional elective contributions that could be made for that plan year under its qualified Sec.
the maximum amounts are as follows: - maximum amount - year 2018 (initial period of 1 year): eur 112 000 excluding taxes, - maximum amounts per renewal period for the next 3 years: eur 35,000 excluding tax per 1-year period.
orders will be awarded up to a maximum equal amount: - for the first holder: 60 000 eur ht or 50% of the maximum amount fixed at 120 000 eur ht, - for the second holder: eur 40,000 (excl.
The maximum amount of diesel (maximum 12 months) 104 400 liters.

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