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The maximum amount of A shares that can be bought back is 5 per cent of the company146s share capital or the total number of votes attached to the shares.
Contribute the Maximum Amount -- The more you contribute over the long term is the best way to potentially maximize your assets available in retirement.
The purpose of the liquidity facility will be to ensure timely funding of maturing CP, or to fund advances under the S2000-1 VFC, in a maximum amount at any time equal to $700 million.
lot 4 Pants jeans types Minimum EUR HT 3000; Maximum amount EUR HT 7000
Under the Amendment, the maximum amount of Mid-State stock to be issued has been set at 70% with the balance of the consideration paid in cash to Americorp shareholders.
The maximum amount you can borrow is 65 per cent of the value of the property and the product is portable.
According to it, the maximum amount of payment of material damage for buses and freight vehicles is 337,500 euros while, during an accident, when non-material damage is caused, namely an injury or death of third persons, the reimbursement is with a maximum amount of 675,000 euros.
For the previous three years, the maximum amount you could contribute was $3,000, or $3,500 for those who were 50 or older.
3 - supply and delivery of spare parts for trucks of Renault is the maximum amount of 25 000 EUR HT.
The affirmation is in connection with the issuance of an Amended and Restated Letter and Reimbursement Agreement, which provides for (i) an increase in the maximum amount of Notes that may be issued under the program from the current $200,000,000 to $450,000,000, inclusive of principal and interest, (ii) eliminates the limitation on the maximum amount of Series C Notes that may be issued, and (iii) substitutes the two current letters of credit (LOCs) issued solely by JPMorgan Chase Bank, National Association (JPMorgan) with LOCs issued on a several basis by JPMorgan, Bank of America, N.
The planning ahead fund is for capital projects to update or expand existing community buildings or facilities, with a maximum amount available to groups of pounds 15,000.
3402(a) requires employers to deduct and withhold income tax, the maximum amount of remuneration permitted under the program is less than one withholding exemption.

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