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MAYOR, officer. The chief or executive magistrate of a city who bears this title.
     2. It is generally his duty to cause the laws of the city to be enforced, and to superintend inferior officers, such as constables, watchmen and the like. But the power and authority which mayors possess being given to them by local regulations, vary in different places.

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She was invested as Lord Mayor of Newcastle in May 2016 - the 800th anniversary of the mayoralty of Newcastle.
The mayoralty previously warned builders that if projects were delayed they would be withdrawn and handed to new contractors.
Police source told NINA that gunmen assassinated an employee at the Baghdad Mayoralty, using guns with silencers, in Ghazaliya area, western Baghdad.
He also said he expected to see innovative changes to the mayoralty as Clr Martin "is not a fan of pomp and ceremony".
A LONG-STANDING tradition of not making mayoralty a political issue looks set to be shattered in Wirral tonight.
Rommel and Amman Matba, mayoralty and vice-mayoralty candidates of the Liberal Party (LP) in Languyan town, and 30 other supporters were arrested after strong waves dragged their vessel into Malaysian waters, Governor Sadikul Sahali of Tawi-Tawi told the Radio Inquirer.
The mayoralty of Jeddah had imposed the ban as earlier assessments indicated that construction on these plots would block pathways of floods and cause massive flooding similar to the one occurred in November 2009.
I AM writing to express my disgust at the new Labour-run Cardiff council's decisions about the Lord Mayoralty.
Armagh in Northern Ireland has been granted a lord mayoralty.
WASN'T it Shakespeare's Malvolio who said "Some are born mayors, some achieve mayoralty and some have mayoralty thrust upon them"?
04 million votes in her contest with former vice premier Eric Li-lun Chu of the KMT for the mayoralty of Xinbei City, losing by only 110,000 votes.
Matthew Potter, The First Citizens of the Treaty City: the Mayors and Mayoralty of Limerick, 1197-2007 (Limerick: Limerick City Council, 2007, 299 pp.