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MAYOR, officer. The chief or executive magistrate of a city who bears this title.
     2. It is generally his duty to cause the laws of the city to be enforced, and to superintend inferior officers, such as constables, watchmen and the like. But the power and authority which mayors possess being given to them by local regulations, vary in different places.

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To test hypothesis 2, the economic variables of cities in various years prior to nomination of an official to mayorship would be adopted as the predictor, since economic data after the appointment of a mayor could be viewed as the outcome, more or less, affected by the mayorship.
The party won 411 mayorships four years ago, up from 187 in 2000.
Refah won the mayorships of 30 main cities, including Istanbul and Ankara.
The PCF lost the mayorships in 23 cities in 1989 and lost an additional 200 cities in 1995.
In less than two years, the party has won six National Assembly seats, three mayorships and 35 municipal council seats.
With losses also in outlying Santiago districts such as Huechuraba, Recoleta, and Independencia, as well as in Concepcion, Chile's second-largest city, the Alianza saw its total number of mayorships drop from 144 to 121.