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Recovering the remains of Worcester's firefighters in the mazelike warehouse building took nine days of grim, backbreaking work.
By weaving many more short "staple strands" of DNA into the long strand's scaffold, Rothemund bound the DNA into a tight, mazelike pattern.
That task began with simplifying and standardizing layouts that customers often find confusing and mazelike.
Then, peering at a long, mazelike wall of symmetrically stacked tires, he admitted he had other thoughts:
The mazelike Question Five, 2000-2003, allows the viewer to enter visually but not physically, its paths leading to an end that cannot be seen.
The premise: Players wander through a series of mazelike environments, killing horrific monsters and trying to move on to the next level.
At low ferrocyanide concentrations, intricate, mazelike patterns appeared.
Some fifteen hundred works by more than fifty artists were crowded into this mazelike arrangement, with the most established names (Hans Arp, Kurt Schwitters, Max Ernst, Marcel Duchamp) intermingling with newer additions to Dada scholarship like Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven as well as now-obscure cohorts like Richard Boix and Angelika Hoerle.
Laser Mission takes place between two players in a mazelike setting on 114 square feet of space.