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This meager enhancement is the least we can do for our senior citizens, the majority of whom are poor and deserving of the little extra allowed them.
A (FSS) [F.sub.A] in a (FSTS) (U, E, [psi]) is called fuzzy soft meager if [F.sub.A] is a countable union of fuzzy soft nowhere dense sets [i.e., if [mathematical expression not reproducible], where [mathematical expression not reproducible] are fuzzy soft nowhere dense sets in (U, E, [psi]), [for all]i [member of] I [subset or equal to] N].
Budgets allocated to all provinces indicated Kandahar will get $33 million (1,652 million afs), he said, adding the amount was too meager at a time when the province needed more funds.
Ms Meager joined a slimming club, started exercising and swapped her diet of takeaways for stir frys and pasta.
Jacaranda managing director Richard Meager said: "We are really enjoying working with this group of students.
A Gallup poll that shows a meager 26 percent approval rating for the world body, which US taxpayers gave nearly three billion dollars to support last year.
But he will be far better prepared for former champion Meager, who he knows well and has sparred with many times.
Mrs Meager, of Benfleet, Essex, said she was a single parent and didn't tell Castle Point council she got tax credits.
Initially, Lilly helps Nouria with her business of laundering clothes, but then she opens a school to teach the Koran to poorer children and contributes to Nouria's meager income.
Although the selection of DVD movies formatted for Blu-ray is meager, Samsung is charging out in front with this model, which is compatible with most of today's standard DVD formats.
Meager (National Institute for Biological Standards and Control, South Mimms, UK) presents a collection of papers providing immunologists, cancer researchers, medicinal chemists, cell biologists, developmental biologists, and the pharmaceutical industry with the most current knowledge of the interferon (IFN) field.
As Gore Vidal wrote in 1966, "If most men and women were forced to rely upon physical charm to attract lovers, their sexual lives would be not only meager but in a youth-worshipping country like America painfully brief." Add to that group men in "Brokeback marriages," diffident virgins, and all those requiring discretion, and you have a community of men with two options: keep it in their pants or use the power of their wallets.