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But he will be far better prepared for former champion Meager, who he knows well and has sparred with many times.
Mrs Meager, of Benfleet, Essex, said she was a single parent and didn't tell Castle Point council she got tax credits.
Salford's Meager and Scot Stewart, who've shared a dressing room at Hennessy Sports events, meet for the vacant British lightweight title at the York Hall, in London.
As these youngsters view and imitate facial expressions, brain cells called mirror neurons show meager activity, say neuroscientist Mirella Dapretto of the University of California, Los Angeles School of Medicine and her colleagues.
The 30-year former WBU world champion was due to box-off against Mancunian Lee Meager at the Nottingham Arena on Saturday, July 9.
With an endowment of $742 million, which Bataille says is meager compared to the university's competitors, "we haven't been able to compete with the other schools that are alleviating students' loan obligations and offering attractive financial aid packages.
Local Vancouver weekly the Georgia Straight recently reported that Western GeoPower Corporation subsidiary Meager Creek Development Corporation has contacted the Canadian Environmental Assessment Office about a proposed $276-million, 110-megawatt (MW) geothermal power project near the Meager Hot Springs in Canada.
The others are very grateful for this addition to their meager menu of rice and sardines.
That's lower than the recent high of $99 billion in 1998--a year of large-scale privatizations--but up considerably from $24 billion in 2003 and the meager $19 billion pumped into the region in 2002, according to the Institute of International Finance (IIF), a global financial institution association.
I remember thinking that Fred's meager materials--taut lengths of acrylic yarn--pushed the definition of sculpture.
With the low commission factor on small-commercial policies, adding a few endorsements could eat into the meager profit made from an account.
Since 1978 Ballet West has occupied meager studio space at Salt Lake City's Capitol Theatre, where the company will continue to perform even after the new building goes up.