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Meager will certainly be no pushover and has never been stopped in a fight.
Salford's Meager and Scot Stewart, who've shared a dressing room at Hennessy Sports events, meet for the vacant British lightweight title at the York Hall, in London.
Meager actually lost a senior ABA final to David's younger brother Stephen back in 2001Nicky Cook added the British featherweight title to his European and Commonwealth belts last night in Dagenham.
Georgia Straight said a Meager Creek Development spokesperson noted that the company plans to drill two wells later this month before deciding if it will submit an application for certification to the Environmental Assessment Office early next year.
I remember thinking that Fred's meager materials--taut lengths of acrylic yarn--pushed the definition of sculpture.
With the low commission factor on small-commercial policies, adding a few endorsements could eat into the meager profit made from an account.
Since 1978 Ballet West has occupied meager studio space at Salt Lake City's Capitol Theatre, where the company will continue to perform even after the new building goes up.
This new initiative also raises some serious questions as to how the African-American church can maintain its prophetic voice when it accepts funds from taxpayers to run meager programs that do nothing to change the systems and structures that promote, and feed, the poverty and oppression that is so evident in the African-American community.
That's a far cry from her meager upbringing as the youngest of 12 children in a small, segregated town in Texas.
At the same time, dot-com CEOs' cash compensation is typically so comparatively meager that a certain amount of cashing out is to be expected.
But the findings are extraordinary, because until now scientists thought water on Mars could exist solely in frozen form below the soil, in polar icecaps, or as sparse clouds in the meager atmosphere.
dollars (and consumer goods), while most scrape by on meager peso earnings and food rations, are vividly described in a front-page article in The New York Times (January 11, 1998).