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So the 10,784 men lying here would not have died in some romantic, baying glory on the battlefield, but in slow, agony with wounds modern medicine would baulk at, let alone the meagerly equipped tents of World War 1.
Later in life he wryly suggested that he ceased to pursue ordination after learning how meagerly Anglican bishops were paid.
When, say, he tells of eighty percent unemployment in the Khayelitsha area of Cape Town, we are left wondering how those half-million people manage to feed themselves, however meagerly.
Consequently, low foreign exchange earnings are earned which contribute meagerly to the government revenue on the one hand, and payments against the high imports put pressure on expenditures of the government on the other hand.
Sugar industry fully exploit poor farmers by paying meagerly.
Would you have lived out of a suitcase and led the rugged life Bloomer girls did just for the chance to play baseball and be paid for it, albeit rather meagerly and sometimes not at all when your manager or the promoter ran off with the gate receipts?
The United States health care delivery system spends billions of dollars on clinical care but spends meagerly on population-based medicine that influences health more profoundly than medical services.
After taking into account remittances received it emerges 4MFY13 current account to remain in positive territory (US$12 million), though meagerly.
Until policy makers and practitioners acknowledge that complexity and respond to it meaningfully, students--especially those who most depend on public education for their future success--will continue to be unevenly and meagerly served.
The naval blockade and more than a few Union generals kept the South hungry, of course, but there was just enough active trading between both sides to sustain the South, however meagerly, into 1865.
It would not help the images of the cancer research establishment and the multibillion dollar biotech industry if it became widely known that a meagerly funded lab had come up with a superior explanation of the cause and progression of cancer.
With the medtech markets of most Western countries either slightly down, flat, or meagerly on the plus side, it is little wonder that American medical-device companies, including the major orthopedic players, are busy developing their plans of attack on the "I" in the BRIC matrix.