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All the leading associations of the textile sector rejected the budget 2017-18 due to meagre allocations and increase in income tax and sales tax rates.
In reply to a meagre runs target of 123, Lahore Eagle chased the target for the loss of three wickets with a superb half-century of Gohar Hafiz (50) and Ahsan Tariq (48) runs.
Summary: England were brought crashing down to earth after their Ashes triumph as they posted a meagre 203 for nine against Ireland in Belfast.
There are still thousands of single pensioners unable to claim pension credit as a means of reinforcing their already meagre allowance.
Pastry stores went through a meagre season, and the Dutch Roman Catholic Radio Corporation gave a special "Passion Service" every Tuesday night, with some of the great speakers attracting many listeners, both Catholic and non-Catholic.
Ann Cavoukian's office has struck down even the meagre restrictions imposed on its issue.
We see the mistake of the generous patron who initiated paid holidays and awarded himself a meagre salary, when he let the business grow too far, so that the profit-minded took over only to reduce quality to eject him.
OTTAWA -- Campaign 2000 has expressed "profound disappointment" with monies allocated for childcare and early learning in the recent federal budget saying they are "dubious about how the meagre funds allocated in the first two years will benefit children and families on the ground.
Peshawar, May 02, 2010 (Frontier Star): The Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Owais Ahmed Ghani has said, being the citizens of a developing country, having meagre resources at its disposal, there is a need for collective efforts on part of employers and employees to ensure a better future not only for them but also for the country.