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'It is hard to meet expenses with this meagre sum,' he said.
"Many private schools charge hefty fees from the parents, but the matric and intermediate pass, and graduate teachers are getting in between Rs3,000 to Rs8,000 per month." They said after working tirelessly the whole month, looking at such a meagre amount brought tears to their eyes.
The prime minister and the finance minister are requested to address this gross irregularity and help the pensioners many of whom are solely dependent upon their meagre pensions.
In the given circumstances, the meagre grant of Rs.
Though meagre, some of the beneficiaries said the monthly stipends has gone a long way in alleviating some of their domestic problems even as they appealed for an increment in the stipends considering the harsh economic realities.
I would have thought that Asad Umar could still exempt retired persons in advanced years, with no hope of their pension and other meagre earnings reaching the taxable limit, who sell a property which has appreciated in value considerably due to decades of occupation to buy a cheaper residence, still costing over fifty lakhs, to raise some extra cash to cover their rising medical expenses.
But exports nosedived by 12.36 percent during 2015-16, touching $21.97 billion and worldwide exports also posted a fall of meagre 1 percent.
Police Officer, Malik Mansoor said following the orders of senior official, he himself attended the seminar arranged by swindlers at a fast food restaurant in Model Town-B area of the city where the swindlers lured people through a so-called briefing that they could earn huge profit by investing even a meagre money of Rs 20,000 in their scheme.
"Despite working so hard, these people are unable to engage in the festivities because of their meagre earnings.
All the leading associations of the textile sector rejected the budget 2017-18 due to meagre allocations and increase in income tax and sales tax rates.
Martin Wilkshire was the hero of the day for the Llynfi Valley side as he ripped through the Seasiders capturing 8-34, as the hosts could only muster a meagre 103 in response, with captain Stephen Doherty offering the only resistance with a 38.
The irony of the present day is seeing obese people of all ages waddling around and then watching the starving children on our television screen, crying out for a meagre two pounds a month to survive.