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We Mean Business offers support for small firms, sole traders and those thinking of starting a business.
8220;The SDBJ Women Who Mean Business award is a tremendous accomplishment and I appreciate the recognition given to the professional women who are striving to build our city's businesses and economy.
Steen Raskopoulos: I'm Wearing Two Suits Because I Mean Business is at Underbelly, Bristo Square, until August 25.
Mums Mean Business was conceived as a place to inspire mums and to be inspired by mums.
Most of all, people who mean business know that the only way to grow, is to build relationships; long lasting strong relationships on a foundation of trust and good will.
Defence specialist Edwards has left no-one in any doubt that Wales mean business.
Now the Shakti Women group is launching its own Women Mean Business seminar in the heart of the city on Wednesday, May 21.
Releasing child rapists from prison sends the wrong message about the crimes committed, but life in prison sends the message we mean business.
She noted, "In a man's world, you will be taken seriously only if you mean business.
SCOTLAND'S only dairy making traditional cheeses has been recognised in the T-Mobile Women Mean Business Awards.