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The evaluation function for the relative mean deviation is defined as:
Body mass index: The values calculated for mean deviation, standard deviation and coefficient of variation are equal to 7.
With bovine/combined, overall mean deviation from certified INR was also reduced, although the proportion of validation plasmas <10% from certified values was unchanged.
of coupons used in calculation Standard Fabricated (circumferential) of mean Mean deviation Modulus (MPa) 0-0.
Just as the mean reaction time got shorter with increasing valid trial ratio, mean deviations of the hand movements for the validity condition were found to decrease with valid trial ratio as shown in Figure 4.
This might indicate not only that a reliable effect is present but also that the negative correlation of the retroPK versus perihelion parameters is constant in both cases and that the reversal of the mean deviation in the retroPK results is dependent on changing means of solar activity between Sample 1 and Sample 2.
The first column gives what is known as the mean deviation for a selection of the most popular football markets - that is, the average number of units by which individual make-ups differed from the average for all make-ups.
Error N Mean Deviation Mean Ethics Score (ES) Less Competitive 268 4.
Based on our experience with receiver operating characteristic curves obtained during a previous study, (7) we determined that a mean deviation of 2[degrees] from true vertical is the best criter ion to identify subjects who have right/left vestibular asymmetry.
TABLE 1 THE MOST IMPORTANT WAY WITHIN EACH DOMAIN TO INCREASE INFLUENCE Domain of Most Important Way to Influence Increase Influence Mean Deviation Personal Leadership Active listening skills 5.

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