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The Shah correlation is more consistent, as only 5 of the 69 data sets have a mean deviation of more than 30%, while the Gungor and Winterton correlation has 9 data sets exceeding 30% deviation.
For our purposes, it is not unreasonable to regard the mean deviation as analogous to what it is described as here: the average distance between the midpoint of a spread and the make-up.
For all measurement points, the calculation model from Levine and Rockwood [7] has a mean deviation of 22% from our experimental results.
Model 1 Probit Estimates Marginal Effects Standard Standard Independent Variable Mean Deviation Mean Deviation Percent of Medicaid Population That Is Elderly 0.
Oak-wood samples showed the lowest value of mean deviation profiles while fir-wood samples showed the highest value of surface roughness parameter.
Similarly, an LC/MS/MS IS working solution prepared from this ACN-based LC/MS working solution gave a mean deviation of 1.
Figure 10 shows the calculated mean deviation index for the six dumbbell dies.
All data for unoccupied pools were predicted with a mean deviation of 20.
From these data, we derived the mean deviation to estimate the systematic error of the test systems in comparison with IC (Table 4).
The mean deviation for a given sensor at a given condition is the average deviation of the first forward measurement and the reverse measurement.
Mean deviation from target values of PreciControl TSH 0.
As seen in Table 3, the Shah formula gives best overall agreement with data with a mean deviation of 20.

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