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If this term is necessary, then it must clearly mean something beyond the other terms we already have, like lean enterprise, virtual enterprise, agile enterprise, and learning organization.
I reach deep inside myself to make images that mean something to me, because then they will mean something to others.
As for Stroman, she once explained why she's happier choreographing in period than for contemporary characters: "Contemporary times mean something different to everyone," she said.
X talks about "relapsing-remitting MS", he may mean something very different than Dr.
And there, perhaps, our Lenten failing: our frequent inability to make this Lent mean something to others.
Taken together with other things, it might mean something," says Gloersen, who worked with William J.
synonyms: model, example, and ideal mean something that serves as guidance or imitation.
If I told you the band was fronted by Mark Sultan, it might mean something, but if I said BBQ, King Kahn and BBQ Show, the Spaceshits, and Les Sexareenos, it might mean something more as those are his recent bands.
While stars voicing Hollywood's animated spectacles represent a who's- who of of-the-moment pop-culture, voices for the American version of ``Howl's Moving Castle'' include those of Jean Simmons (``Guys and Dolls''), Lauren Bacall, Blythe Danner and Billy Crystal, names that may not have kid appeal but mean something to their parents (or, even, grandparents).
A friend said: 'They want to get something symbolic that will mean something to them for years to come.
Don't just have a golf tournament--make it mean something.