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Mean-spirited Fred just can't measure up to his goody-two-shoes brother, Santa
He is married to Maud, also from Ghana, and their marriage is cold and somewhat mean-spirited.
Do you work for a monster of a boss or have to share a project with a mean-spirited coworker?
Bush's policies on women's issues are as ideologically driven and mean-spirited at home as they are internationally.
The public can also set a mean-spirited tone, calling for an increased use of capital punishment and thereby unwittingly worsen the level of violence in society.
The fact that his naivete rests on the Chinese philosophy of blind obedience to one's superiors and to older relatives, even if they should prove to be mean-spirited and corrupt, ups the ante of interest in the meaning of family unity and sacrifice.
His self-portraits--one a gorgeously carved hunting decoy (Sitting Duck, 2002) and another a collage of hundreds of little cutout pictures of assholes (Big Asshole, 2001)--are desolately narcissistic, pathologically glib, and plenty mean-spirited.
Some of the more mean-spirited long-time IMF hands suggest the former Clinton official was aggressively interviewing on Wall Street before disappointingly coming to the IMF (though some add that he would find any private sector opportunity rather mundane after the dazzling Rubin-Summers Treasury years.
Sperling founded the University of Phoenix in his 50's with no investors and no CEO track record amidst the sort of mean-spirited opposition from accreditation agencies, competitors, and the press that would make the strongest CEOs, even you, weep in frustration.
Yves Jacques, in the lead, delivers a knockout flawless performance as a suicidal and mean-spirited music lover living below an unknown musical genius.
Quinn must be the only journalist on the planet who appears not to have a single mean-spirited or skeptical bone in her body.
Nobody, including this newspaper, could possibly approve of the tasteless, mean-spirited jibes Rocker made to Sports Illustrated about foreigners, single mothers, AIDS patients, and others.