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Apple said in a statement Thursday that apps are being removed "that use the Confederate flag in offensive or mean-spirited ways, which is in violation of our guidelines." Other apps that depict the flag in educational or historical contexts are not being removed.
"So their actions were seen as mean-spirited and nasty, and not particularly funny.
We made an error in judgement in not editing out an unwise and mean-spirited comment.
Gomory reprises his scathing, some might say, mean-spirited, attack on the published ACT intervention research, even stooping to implicate blame for the ACT program's failure to prevent suicide in some clients.
It's not mean-spirited. Nobody comes away feeling bad."
It really blew my mind because at the time BARR was like this really confrontational, mean-spirited, weird attack, and seeing her and what she was doing made me want to be more issue oriented and overtly political.
Worse, if they dare to question the fairness of this or, heaven forbid, ask for a rebate of their public school taxes for the years their children attend private school, they are called mean-spirited, greedy, and selfish by public school parents who drive Hummers and live in million-dollar homes.
Like the other example, I wondered where she could have gotten such a mean-spirited thought.
SIR - That Welsh cricket talent can blossom without the opportunity of playing on a bigger stage seems unrealistic, mean-spirited and an example of misplaced nationalism.
Because to do so would he mean-spirited and insensitive.
It's also unconscionable to attempt to scare students away from large professional schools by warning them of supposed dire consequences: They'll be forced to sink or swim, become lost in the crowd, tossed aside when another talented student enrolls, or receive other mean-spirited (and mostly unfounded) threats.
A response released from the archdiocese's lawyers called the grand jury report "a vile, mean-spirited diatribe" and said it was "based upon an unfair and inaccurate portrayal of facts." The cardinal later issued a pastoral letter apologizing to victims of priest abusers and calling for people to pray for the "reparation for sins" and "the renewal of our lives of Christian service." In a letter to Rigali announcing the vigil, the lay group expressed "profound disappointment" with the cardinal's response and suggested that he address the crisis "in a true spirit of penance."