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She admits that, apart from two weeks of her school holidays spent in a Barnet branch of Boots, where her co-workers' mean-spiritedness in the coffee-making area was "an encounter that prepared me for Hollywood", she has no experience of working in retail.
All in all it's a triumph of bureaucracy and mean-spiritedness, almost Orwellian in size and concept, that does not sit well alongside the supposed Olympic ideals of coming together and respect.
We're exposed to so much mean-spiritedness that it seems to crawl under our own skins, somehow making us more mean-spirited as well.
WHAT muddle-headed mean-spiritedness it is to suggest that Britain's bank holidays "cost the economy pounds 18 billion".
However, his rage was nothing compared to the mean-spiritedness of Patton, who, removed from command, savaged in his diary his boss and former friend, alleging that Eisenhower suffered from moral turpitude and cowardice.
It lives on whenever love overcomes fear, mean-spiritedness, self-righteousness, discrimination, and ignorance.
The local campaign was very cordial and civilized and, to the credit of all candidates, there were no personal attacks or mean-spiritedness.
Stott was never one to respond in kind to such mean-spiritedness.
Often, as I have sat there watching with my family, I have been berated for my mean-spiritedness and met with the riposte: "Shush, it's a drama
Tell them to refrain from mean-spiritedness or personal attacks, but to speak their minds.