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The hybrid antenna is designed by combining a composite right/left-handed transmission line (CRLH-TL) unit cell with a meandered monopole.
Prior to 1939 the streambed on the property meandered to an open estuary on Clam Bay.
NEWBURY PARK - Sheriff's deputies and wardens with the Department of Fish and Game captured a wild black bear late Friday as it meandered around the receiving dock of a local Target store, according to officials.
Eventually, the moose left the courtyard and meandered through town until he reached a stream.
After the Cold War ended, le Carre suffered from a villain deficit, and he meandered a bit looking for the right target.
It certainly looks as though we have a river channel that meandered across a plane and [that] the flow was sustained so that the meander got deeper and deeper.
Just as for The Americans Frank meandered around the country--turning up perhaps his most perfect pictures in Butte, Montana, not an obvious point on anyone's itinerary, unless you were paying homage to Dashiell Hammett's Red Harvest--so in Pull My Daisy, Me and My Brother, Cocksucker Blues, Home Improvements, and other films, as in many of his Polaroid composites, Frank meanders around rooms.
Due to a resonator of high quality factor and narrow stop band, the meandered (interdigital) slot is usually used to introduce transmission zeros to the filter response and consequently improve its harmonic-rejection performance [18].