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Mung, "Miniaturized printed inverted-F antenna for internet of things: a design on PCB with a meandering line and shorting strip," International Journal of Antennas and Propagation, vol.
[3] developed turbulence models and studied the behavior of secondary flows and centrifugal forces for straight and meandering channels.
The finding could be useful in future climate research, notes Elipot, because "increased eddying and meandering could act to decrease poleward heat transport" and increase coastal upwelling.
Zeedyk and Clothier with the Quivira Coalition present this guide to the Induced Meandering approach to riparian restoration.
Full story Pages 16 - 17 WITH a natural stream meandering through the garden, this property is ideal for the family with green fingers.
Sinuous, meandering streams produce diverse and wildlife-rich habitats and are the aim of many river restoration efforts, but until now, the bank, water flow and sediment conditions required to form and maintain meanders have been largely a matter of speculation.
Visual Echo is an interactive light installation that acts as a meandering ribbon of light by remembering the colors visitors wear.
Three hours drive from Bergen is Aurland, a small town on Sogne og Fjordane, one of the largest and most spectacular fjords on Norway's meandering west coast.
A spreading zone can be considered a "linear volcano" with vent holes occurring at various points along its meandering crest, explains Baker, an oceanographer at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Seattle lab.
Composed of eight interrelated works from Arceneaux's series "Borrowed Sun," 2004, the show linked the three innovative men via their disparate relationships to the heavenly body named in the title, recruiting them for a meandering investigation of scientific and artistic approaches to the theme of infinity.
The Kissimmee River in Florida is an example of a river that was channeled from 160 km of meandering river to a series of five impoundments connected by a large drainage canal (Brookes & Shields, 1996).
At one point, when an anecdote might have really strengthened his case about the need for Fair Trade coffee, Wild instead conjures up a meandering hypothetical about the fictional Ahab Coffee House.