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The chapters (1-3, 7) that pursue this subject are uneven -- at times confusing or meandering.
A second pavilion features an underwater view of tigers swimming and diving for food, and leads to another path meandering through the interactive theater where visitors will learn about WCS' work in tiger conservation.
Unfortunately, it was also less accomplished, meandering for long stretches and filled with aerobic busyness, pointless hip wiggles, and arm flappings.
Though the recording techniques may be direct, the writing is relaxed, not obsessed with catchiness: A meandering melody starts off one place and ends somewhere else, while troublemaking arrangements derail straightforward riffs.
This addition to a sprawling Japanese campus breaks down and humanises a large faculty into a series of teaching blocks and communal facilities linked by a meandering walkway.
Back in 1931, Schaefer had a vision of an endless, lovely path meandering through the state.
Whether floating down the gentle, meandering river, taking in the majesty of the Gulf, or enjoying another glorious sunset, I cherish my time spent in this quaint fishing village.
Apparently it's a lot easier to unspool ironic, meandering story lines with the occasional flatulence joke than to cook up taut or even vaguely interesting plots.
Peinado, like a contemporary version of the great explorers, conjures up itineraries, meandering through an increasingly unreadable sociocultural field.
Today," continued Consolo, vice chairman of Garrick Aug, "Greenwich Village possesses great style, with its meandering tree-lined streets, fascinating, often beautiful, buildings, and world-wide reputation as an exotic locale.
For all of le Carre's meandering discussion of the inner lives of Single & Single, I must say that I didn't find either character entirely believable.
Working with seven performers from Guinea and the Ivory Coast, and the American Carlos Funn, Lemon has created a meandering, dreamlike display in which a series of poetically associative images are linked by a fragmented, allusive text (by Tracie Morris), percussive and electronic music (the latter by Francisco Lopez and Paul D.