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Connection of old meanders on the marcq to deux-acren (lessines) to recreate spawning areas and improve the biodiversity of this ecosystem
The Maiandros River may have been shaped by thousands of years of erosion, but Knifer's meanders were meticulously plotted against the horizontal and vertical axis of each canvas.
In RF PCB designs, meanders are also used, but most commonly as an inductor to maintain proper electrical length with a physically shortened antenna.
Meanders are easy to define and occur in a variety of mathematical settings, ranging from combinatorics to algebra, geometry, and topology to statistical physics and mathematical biology.
Sinuous, meandering streams produce diverse and wildlife-rich habitats and are the aim of many river restoration efforts, but until now, the bank, water flow and sediment conditions required to form and maintain meanders have been largely a matter of speculation.
1 : to follow a winding course <A brook meanders through the fields.
The fish ladders installed at that time altered the habitat and remained in place until 2004 when the Manchester Fuel Department began a program to restore Beaver Creek to its natural meanders and stream conditions and restore the salt water marsh portion of the creek.
The movie meanders with its main characters, and Toby remains a fuzzy bundle of neuroses: Is he bi?
Arranged around a reflecting pool that meanders through the entire complex, the new restaurant has three parts.
The plot meanders through a series of plot twists that lead the reader to wonder if Alex Cross will survive a deadly shootout with the vicious killers.
Water meanders, blurs into blue cliffs,/darkens green beneath a crossing cloud.