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Leaner, meaner, darker the 2016 Harley Davidson Roadster was launched worldwide recently, including the GCC.
UTSA's Kristina Durante, lead author of the study, said that the study shows that ovulating women were much less willing to share when the other person was another woman and they became meaner to other women.
We were pilloried for making cutbacks, but they have made us leaner and meaner and we believe we are well-placed to take full advantage when the recovery begins.
With soaring raw materials, energy and fuel costs squeezing margins (dry, in some cases), companies are desperately searching for ways to become leaner and meaner.
Bruce is keen to give his defence an even meaner look next season.
APPARENTLY, South Wales Police are going to start sounding meaner when they answer 999 calls so people stop wasting their time with non-emergencies.
While attempts to save pennies are welcome, past attempts to become a leaner, meaner City Hall have been so much hot air.
but they will be leaner and meaner, having invested in more advanced equipment and automation.
THE Stateside rockers finally escape the nu-metal millstone that has hung round their necks since their rivalry with Limp Bizkit, and emerge leaner and meaner with a mainstream rock album that gives Metallica and Audioslave a run for their money.
As the economy shifts and businesses become leaner and meaner, people are questioning the nature of traditional education.
Or her meaner twin, one who racks up stimulating, enigmatic details and significant-looking rhymes only to kick you upstairs without supper?
In the 1860s Wyoming Territory, her abusive dad sold Rachel to an individual who may be the only breathing critter whom is even meaner and viler than her father.