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Noel Vanstone is emphatically the meanest of mankind.
I think, sir," said the spy, in the meanest manner, as he turned to Mr.
How would it affect them, who were so innocent of London life, and London streets, to discover how knowing I was (and was ashamed to be) in some of the meanest phases of both?
What meanest thou, thou dog, that thou dost speak to us words of such ill-omen?
So little knows Any, but God alone, to value right The good before him, but perverts best things To worst abuse, or to thir meanest use.
The foreigner came here poor, beggarly, cringing, and subservient, ready to doff his cap to the meanest native of the household.
She had also observed how modest I was in my nature, how nicely I regarded my honour, and what an indignity I should conceive it, to be exposed for money as a public spectacle, to the meanest of the people.
Worlds had to be in travail, that the meanest flower might blow.
It is therefore the greatest happiness which the citizens can enjoy to possess a moderate and convenient fortune; for when some possess too much, and others nothing at [1296a] all, the government must either be in the hands of the meanest rabble or else a pure oligarchy; or, from the excesses of both, a tyranny; for this arises from a headstrong democracy or an oligarchy, but very seldom when the members of the community are nearly on an equality with each other.
THE Members of a Legislature, being told that they were the meanest thieves in the world, resolved to commit suicide.
He was the meanest cur existing, with a single pair of legs.
Now, look here, Lammle,' said Fascination Fledgeby, with the meanest of twinkles in his meanest of eyes: which were too near together, by the way: 'look here, Lammle; I am very well aware that I didn't show to advantage last night, and that you and your wife--who, I consider, is a very clever woman and an agreeable woman--did.