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Three ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling) originals, including two who also played key roles in the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) - The Blue Meanie, Hollywood Nova and "Inchworm" Thomas Rodman - headline the event.
For the circuit's reigning champion, The Blue Meanie, also known as Brian Heffron, a 32-year-old, 290-pound man from Philadelphia, pro wrestling is all he has wanted to do since he was 6 years old and watching Ricky Steamboat and the Dynamite Kid wrestle on TV for the World Wrestling Federation.
The thrill is the old-fashioned way of covering something up rather than putting everything on show, said Meanie.
FURIOUS motorists are being booked by the Blue Meanies for having squint parking tickets.
ROYAL meanie Prince Edward has scrapped a traditional New Year's Eve party for the Queen and her servants.
Pepper and his Lonely Hearts Club Band, Jeremy Hillary Boob (the Nowhere Man), the Blue Meanies led by his Blueness King Meanie and henchman Max, the Apple Bonkers, the Vacuum Monster, and of course, the dreaded Glove.
But the meanie Taoiseach said the Government has to make unpalatable choices to rebuild the economy.
Resident meanie Simon Cowell lived up to his rep, sneering: "By choosing that song, it's like coming out here and saying `I am as good as Whitney Houston.
Meanie and his notorious gang have stolen four magical crystals and have sent each one back into different time eras.
RECENT stories regarding the Capital of Culture and the forthcoming Beatles festival reminded me that, some years ago, Man web installed a light show in a substation in Mathew Street, which projected Yellow Submarines and the Blue Meanie onto adjacent walls.
Her version of "The Voice Within" by Christina Aguilera prompted resident meanie Simon Cowell to knock her rendition as "nowhere near" as good as Aguilera's.
For the last two Premiership games the man earmarked as Everton's Blue Meanie has managed to get his name on the score sheet before anybody else.