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The agency included a number of other changes in the proposed rule, including reducing the attestation period for those new to the meaningful use program in 2015 and 2016 to 90 days.
Meaningful Brands can increase their Share of Wallet by seven times and on average gain 46% more Share of Wallet than less Meaningful Brands
0 certification program certifies that electronic health record systems meet meaningful use criteria for hospital technology.
The exemptions excuse providers from paying a penalty through reduced Medicare reimbursements--starting in 2015--for failure to meet meaningful use requirements.
Setting up a meaningful use strategy requires some advance work, and the clock is ticking.
I find that meaningful changes can occur only when we slow our minds and bodies down and listen .
A Meaningful Use workgroup was charged with developing recommendations to the HIT Policy Committee on how to define meaningful use in the short and long-term, including: 1) the ways in which EHRs can support meaningful use, and 2) how providers can demonstrate and receive financial incentives for meaningful use.
Although NorthCrest has an inpatient EHR system, smaller community and critical access hospitals (CAHs) that are unable to afford a full inpatient system could emulate NorthCrest's strategy to demonstrate meaningful use with an EDIS and save millions of dollars, says Randy Davis, senior vice president and chief information officer of NorthCrest.
Through Integrated Success Services, SuccessEHS provides a Meaningful Use monitoring program as well as a comprehensive Meaningful Use Toolkit that includes step-by-step instructions for all processes necessary to achieve Meaningful Use.
Federal regulations spell out how physicians and hospitals can meet standards for the meaningful use of certified EHR technology.
Federal regulations governing the program spell out how physicians and hospitals can meet standards for the meaningful use of certified EHR technology.
A QUICK LOOK AT MEANINGFUL USE: The Age of Meaningful Use A Message from Dr.