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We urge the Wood Group to start negotiating meaningfully to avoid the disruption that possible industrial action could have.
It is government's consistently expressed position that it is necessary to have an environment free of terror or threat of terror if relations between India and Pakistan are to move forward concretely and meaningfully," Ahmad said.
Perhaps this is a way of talking meaningfully about how hurricanes and the towering emptiness in the New York skyline after 9/11 are acts of judgment.
Support/Pot, 2003, seemed among the most balanced results of this project, exhibiting a playful to-and-fro between the artists, a kind of accommodation that suggested it could meaningfully engage the realms of interaction and collegiality that are so much part of the art world but so rarely part of art.
The district court granted summary judgment in favor of the defendants, finding that the director of classification for a city prison system was not deliberately indifferent to the inmate's claim, that the clerk responsible for keeping records used to determine precommitment time had no authority to calculate the inmate's sentence, and officials had meaningfully and expeditiously considered the inmate's claim.
The suggestion that people who change parishes are merely applying consumerism to their faith is unfair to those who change parishes exactly because they take parish membership seriously and need to worship meaningfully in a community in which they feel welcome.
How fortunate we are to have a sport that bridges gender, ethnicity, race, and athletic ability so masterfully and meaningfully.
6015 was not an issue in the court proceeding and the innocent spouse did not meaningfully participate in such proceeding.
This is a complex treatise that is impossible to meaningfully review in a few paragraphs, other than to recommend it to anyone who wishes to understand this provocative forestry movement.
The global pandemic and global response need separate articles, and cannot be summarized meaningfully.
The chemistry between Chara Huckins and Jim Moreno created the illusion of pouring water; theirs was a partnership of giving and taking, swirling meaningfully from one movement to the next, and peacefully pouring onto the floor and into the wings.
We believe that Gencarta will enhance genomic research and discovery and will meaningfully contribute to the drug development process.