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Hypothesis 2: Psychological meaningfulness will positively mediate the relationship between consensus on the use of high potential programs and employees' affective commitment.
To summarize, the literature review supports the study of relationships among perceived self-efficacy, the experience of supervision, the meaningfulness of fieldwork, and demographic variables of the OT students (Crist, 2007; Crist, 2011; Dale, 2001; Derdall et al.
Studies on meaningfulness which have been conducted in the Indian context substantiate that with a better understanding of meaning and psychological well-being in adolescents, various counseling or educational implications can be derived for assisting adolescents to develop holistically in terms of body, mind, and spirit as they venture into the world of adulthood (Rathi & Rastogi, 2007).
Second, studies examining the relationship between employee voice and work meaningfulness are rare.
Nevertheless, no inferences can be drawn from the philosophical and psychological interpretations of meaningfulness to inform the pedagogical definition of meanings in parental involvement since the two have heterogeneous components.
The visuals have to be part of that search for meaningfulness.
Meaningfulness was a significant determinant of higher scores of all domains of WHOQOL-BREF (p<0.
Meaningfulness (also called 'meaning') refers to an employee's beliefs and value attached to his or her task when compared to an individual's ideals or standards.
Heidegger locates language not simply in human beings and their faculties, but in the event (Ereignis) of being (in the post-metaphysical sense as "beyng," Seyri) that reciprocally involves human receptivity to meaningfulness as well as a dynamic of meaning constitution beyond human control.
Passionate music-lovers often get a great sense of meaning through sharing music, supporting musicians and using music to add meaningfulness to events or experiences.
There is a direct relationship between the meaningfulness of tasks and organizational commitment of staff.
Happiness is about receiving; meaningfulness is about giving.