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Chapter two, "Words and Signs," argues for Ziarek's differentiation between the Heideggerian and the post-Saussurean takes on language, emphasizing the distinction between signifying word terms with relatively stable referents and the foregoing process of the "wording" or "coming to word" of meaningfulness.
As Table 7 shows, the independent variables are (1) a variety of tasks (X1), 2- meaningfulness (X2), 3importance of job (X3), 4-independencey at work (X4) and 5- job feedback (X5).
Meaningfulness tries to replace structures, standards and disciplines with self-regarding emotion.
Rather, Pat gives all of her heart and soul to witnessing to the meaningfulness of his life, as short as it was--a life that she never seems to question is a gift to her and now also to many others.
Distinguishing between statistical significance and practical/clinical meaningfulness using statistical inference.
Since the meaningfulness level of the regression coefficient equality test relating to the variable of the capital expenditure in pharmaceutical industry in this output is less than 0.
We find meaningfulness in the work that we do when we feel that our actions significantly help others, when we can me a variety of skills and talents and when we have ownership over an entire process or activity.
Meaningfulness, occurs when the value of organizational goals, activity, or purpose are compatible with the employee's own values, goals, ideals, standards, and purposes.
led all contestants with employees reporting both satisfaction and flexibility at a lofty 91 percent and meaningfulness at 86 percent.
On top of increasing the meaningfulness of posts, PicIT24 also allows for creation of groups to make it even easier to keep in touch with selections of followers.
But the meaningfulness of games goes well beyond such internal standards.