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Our mind, in fact, tells us that no-thing ever happens meaninglessly.
I wish President Abdullah GE-l would take it to a referendum and the public rejects the proposal so as to give the [Justice and Development Party] AK Party and the [Nationalist Movement Party] MHP a lesson for meaninglessly insisting on such an unnecessary amendment," says Ilycak, who thinks that GE-l will most probably save the ruling party from this troubled situation and avoid taking up the public's time with a referendum by returning the amendment to Parliament for review.
Few labels are as meaninglessly reductive as "world music," yet there isn't another term to describe the range of Italo musician Enzo Avitabile's inspirations, captured in Jonathan Demme's "Enzo Avitabile Music Life.
Identity is not something that meaninglessly swerves from one cheesy stereotype to another.
A line like this says "It's all right" as persistently, meaninglessly, and godlessly as a thousand pop songs.
The Trail of the Serpent's rendition of the Gothic object as meaninglessly perpetuated commodity, typified in its closing transmutation of its villain into an ephemeral fictionalised object, is echoed in The Black Band's own replacement of its villain's body with a monetary signifier that haunts and undermines the text's normative characters and institutions.
We're also loving Amelia Bullmore (Head of Sustainability), waffling meaninglessly about how "Sustainability is not legacy", as well as Jessica Hynes's shinily robotic Head of Brand and Karl Theobald's panic-stricken Head of Infrastructure.
Pregnant women taking 400 IU/day have the same blood levels as pregnant women not taking vitamin D; that is, 400 IU is a meaninglessly small dose for pregnant women.
In such a country, the years pass meaninglessly, and millions of people waste, or nearly waste, their very lives.
these tables of percentages-featuring categories that manage to be meaninglessly broad while still missing out on a great deal of the rich diversity of possible reading materials--seem wholly inadequate to the complexity of the underlying question.
We can, if you will, sin against dignity by trying to prolong life meaninglessly, by not recognizing that our life is finite.
It is not true that banks would then be meaninglessly restrained only by each other, leaving no effective restraint against their expanding together and causing price inflation.