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Thirdly, we are observing the growing feeling of meaninglessness in our heart and mind.
In his work, the late Mr Parry, who was inspired by Brecht and Ionesco, explored what philosopher JR Jones called "the crisis of meaninglessness".
At once emotive, contemplative, and humorous, Beckett's masterpiece wittily explores our angst-ridden insecurities on the absurdity and meaninglessness of life.
Almost Nothing' where he observed that 'the task, the labor of interpretation--whether religious, socio-economic, scientific, technological, political, aesthetic or philosophical--is the concrete reconstruction of the meaning of meaninglessness' (p.
India, June 27 -- Like a ship without its engines and also without its compass, Amnesty International is adrift in the vast sea of meaninglessness and incoherence.
The complex colours and designs highlight the social values changing in the search for the basic meaning, beyond the chaos of the everyday and the meaninglessness of it all."
Burns, My Dad and Me Monday, BBC1 There was a moment, amid all the swirling tartan cringe, when this documentary captured what could be considered the true essence of a song we've oversung into meaninglessness.
Clearly, what is required is of another order, something that can no longer be postponed in the current war between those who insist on meaninglessness and those who desire to bridge gaps.
According to Jaeggi, renewed attention to the concept of alienation is necessary because prevailing ethical theories provide little help in understanding a variety of contemporary phenomena best understood as forms of self-estrangement: meaninglessness, indifference, an inability to identify with one's own desires and actions.
However, the hinge of Rittenhouse's argument occurs in Chapter 5, where he cites Tim Kasser's work in psychology (from 2004), which demonstrates that people "primed with thoughts of death, guilt, or meaninglessness are more likely to display consumeristic values and desires" (147).
Such feelings are common in memory loss and lead to meaninglessness and a general de-rootedness.
The author also maintains that without the compass of tolerance guiding humanity's spiritual evolution, humanity will find itself floundering in a world of perpetual uncertainty, meaninglessness, and chaos.