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Amnesty International has now entered into the ephemeral world of meaninglessness where nothing is right and nothing is wrong.
Lest we forget, Bouazizi was an ordinary man who wished to give meaning to his life, but who confronted meaninglessness, which reduced everything and everyone in size.
Consequences of such failure include a sense of meaninglessness or estrangement, loss of power in relation to self and world, and subjugation to the products of one's own activity.
Such feelings are common in memory loss and lead to meaninglessness and a general de-rootedness.
However, the hinge of Rittenhouse's argument occurs in Chapter 5, where he cites Tim Kasser's work in psychology (from 2004), which demonstrates that people "primed with thoughts of death, guilt, or meaninglessness are more likely to display consumeristic values and desires" (147).
The author also maintains that without the compass of tolerance guiding humanity's spiritual evolution, humanity will find itself floundering in a world of perpetual uncertainty, meaninglessness, and chaos.
Indeed, Giddens sees many of the central tenets of green philosophy, such as the precautionary principle, as contradictory to the point of meaninglessness.
But the suffering that selfishness inflicts - arising out of loneliness, emptiness, and meaninglessness - is far worse and much more painful than the sufferings we freely take on out of selfless love.
At the time, Nietzsche was a professor of classical philology (the study of language in written historical sources); in The Birth of Tragedy, he contemplated the Apollonian and Dionysian elements of classical Athenian tragedy, viewing ancient plays as an art form that rose above the fundamental hopelessness, meaninglessness, and nihilism that surrounds life.
Grill reads this tension as a symptom of Musil's "almost constant fluctuations between the longing for solidity, repeatability, and significance, the fear of flux and meaninglessness, and the dread of monotonous, petrified dead words and experiences" (52).
Though she rightly recognises that boredom is a painful state, or an existential mood, in which one experiences feelings of emptiness, withdrawal, indifference and meaninglessness, she fails to truly outline the root of boredom.
That is, belief in meaninglessness for these writers amounts to faith in the form, rather than the content, of language.