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MEAN. This word is sometimes used for mesne. (q.v.)

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The Textile Institute Design Means Business exhibition, was organised by the Design Special Interest Group (SIG) of The Textile Institute under the chairmanship of Professor Clare Johnston of the Royal College of Art.
Shelagh Barton, business advisor for South Tyneside Means Business, said: "It is great to see Beaumont Upholstery doing so well, particularly during such challenging times."
Since we were using more than just the numbers, we had lively debates in the "Quest Means Business" office about whether a company should get a red or green piece of fruit.
Looking to establish stronger business ties between Dubai and Singapore, Jafza's Senior Vice President of Sales, Ibrahim Al Janahi and other Jafza representatives attended the Dubai Means Business Commerce Seminar in Singapore recently.
9: The Association of Hispanic Entrepreneurs and the Westchester Hispanic Chamber Of Commerce present Golf Means Business Clinic & Networking Event at Saxon Woods Country Club, Scarsdale.
KELVIN COLEY MEANS BUSINESS. Not a customer comes in nor an item goes out of the showroom he manages without his notice.
WELCOME to the May edition of Scotland Means Business. Once again we have a wide variety of articles designed to help budding and established entrepreneurs.
For President Alvaro Uribe, nature means business. "How is it that tourism is not a major source of economic growth, a generator of jobs and improver of wages for the workforce?" Uribe told reporters at a recent press conference with Florida tourism officials, including the state's governor, Jeb Bush.
A new online seminar series of 10 interactive lessons, Money Means Business, is teaching high school juniors and seniors how various business executives and managers in numerous business arenas use money management skills to perform their jobs effectively.
Reid said many students from his district plan to attend state universities, and "I just don't want illegal immigrants taking their seats away from them." Showing he means business, Reid warned, "If [the bill] is vetoed by the governor, I will work to overturn that veto."
The word "Enterprise" In the title of this book has no special meaning, It means business but the Firewalls discussed are just as applicable to a home user as to a business.
Flintshire Enterprise's ICT Support Centre is hosting the Technology Means Business Growth, Innovation and eCommerce Roadshow at the Greenfield Business Centre, Holywell, on February 18.