means of access

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If you have any means of access in the direction of the wife's family, we strongly recommend you to make use of them.
Now it is averred,--but whether on authority available in a court of justice, we do not pretend to have investigated,--that the young man was tempted by the devil, one night, to search his uncle's private drawers, to which he had unsuspected means of access.
Distorted by the suspicion which had now become a part of myself, even such trifles as these looked too dangerous to be trusted without a guard--even the locked table drawer seemed to be not sufficiently protected in my absence until the means of access to it had been carefully secured as well.
The place which Maple White's chalk-marks had indicated as his own means of access was now entirely impassable.
Contract notice: Maintenance of means of access and passage to the premises and technical galleries defacto the business district of defense.
Another example is the sports bar in which patrons are glued to the captions on the video screen, their means of access to the color commentary that cannot be heard above the din in the noisy bar environment.
Despite the promise of these high-profile initiatives, most libraries are developing digital collections not as an alternative to print collections but rather as an additional, or an enhanced, means of access to library collections.
She takes issue with new historicists who, she says, despite their disclaimers use texts as means of access to issues of power and politics in an ontologically prior history; she counters with a theory of texts themselves as instituting and institutionalizing story, thus according them a primary status and recognizing their power.
With the Western world's space programs reeling under a series of launch mishaps that have virtually shut down its means of access to orbit, an American firm has contracted to have a pair of U.
Contract award: 12127 - the provision and maintenance in operational condition of a set of means of access for maintenance c check light aircraft a400m for industrial workshop aerospace clermont-ferrand (aia cf)