means of access

References in classic literature ?
If you have any means of access in the direction of the wife's family, we strongly recommend you to make use of them.
Now it is averred,--but whether on authority available in a court of justice, we do not pretend to have investigated,--that the young man was tempted by the devil, one night, to search his uncle's private drawers, to which he had unsuspected means of access. While thus criminally occupied, he was startled by the opening of the chamber-door.
The place which Maple White's chalk-marks had indicated as his own means of access was now entirely impassable.
Distorted by the suspicion which had now become a part of myself, even such trifles as these looked too dangerous to be trusted without a guard--even the locked table drawer seemed to be not sufficiently protected in my absence until the means of access to it had been carefully secured as well.
Not only to be territorially close to the smallest village, but also to have information terminals, means of access for low-mobility groups.
The company admitted failing to ensure scaffolding had been erected by a competent person, that the scaffolding had been put up safely with sufficient protection on the working platform to prevent someone from falling and that there was a safe means of access to and from the working platform on the scaffold.
It admitted failing to ensure scaffolding was erected by a competent person, that it was erected safely with sufficient protection to prevent a person falling and that there was a safe means of access to and from the scaffolding platform.
This adds an additional means of access to liquidity, and provides flexible terms at an attractive cost.'
As such, GunBox 2.0 offers two very fast means of access: fingerprint and RFID card.
The company, which employs 63 people, runs a fleet of 830 working platforms that provide a safe means of access - whether to change a light bulb or reach the top of a high rise building.
The engine provides end users with a fast, easy and intuitive means of access to Zap's organizational knowledge.
The A82 Trunk Road (Glen Gloy Realignment) (Side Roads) Order 2014 under sections 12(1) and (5) and 70(1) of the Roads (Scotland) Act 1984, the general effect of which will be to provide for the construction of new private means of access to the new trunk road; the stopping up of various existing roads; the stopping up of various private means of access; and the provision and improvement of certain new private means of access.