means of entry

See: ingress
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There must have been some other means of entry, or some one had a key for one of the locked doors.
They occupy privately owned land, often by illegal means of entry, knowing that they can stay there for a good length of time before anybody can remove them by law enforcement.
"We have added a means of entry that is easier for people who may be injured or have limited mobility," Breviario said.
One of our Advanced MOE (means of entry) officers forcing entry at an address.
Entry Methods: RFID, Keypad, Biometric, and Bluetooth Most electronic door locks come with one or more means of entry, which include RFID, keypad, biometric (fingerprint), or Bluetooth.
A confined space is defined as an area that is large enough and so configured that an employee can bodily enter and perform assigned work, has limited or restricted means of entry or exit, and is not designed for continuous employee occupancy.
"In this case access to the rear parking area of the development is to be made from an access from Kings Gardens giving a vehicular means of entry to the car park at the rear of the site."
Jewish comedy has, at times, provided a sort of armor against oppression, while at others it's served as a means of entry into the wider world.
It was a Coast Guard Chetak helicopter which flew over Mumbai's skyline to track down the now- infamous fishing vessel Kuber which was hijacked and used as a means of entry.
The tasks are described as a means of entry for sea tests.
Criminals may use these as a means of entry to the main home if they are not properly secured.
JONATHAN Walker's thoughtprovoking piece on higher education, "Putting the earn into learn" rightly challenges the view that possession of a degree is the correct means of entry into the job market for all or most.