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The involuntariness of the figures and similes is the most remarkable thing; one loses all perception of what constitutes the figure and what constitutes the simile; everything seems to present itself as the readiest, the correctest and the simplest means of expression.
And yet, through the very limited means of expression that he possessed, he seemed to express kindness.
Using the notion of performativity within the context of this study, one could argue that these boys are establishing their sense of masculinity using their body as their means of expression.
The body has been given to the ballet dancer to use as a means of expression, the means through which the full human story--physical, emotional, and spiritual--can be revealed.
It is astonishing how Pistoletto is able to return to his own familiar means of expression and yet make it function in a different way--as charged with meaning as anything he's ever done: a true "reinvention of the medium," to borrow Rosalind Krauss's phrase.
Since our early days, these communities have been supporters of PAX, and they continue to be a significant means of expression for our fan-base.
WNO Artistic Director David Pountney said: "The paradox of music is that it is a highly rational means of expression, much more logically organised than the language of speech for instance, and yet it is at the same time the supreme means of expressing all kinds of extreme emotional states.
In his response to the current US stance on Egypt's human rights status, Abu Seada explained that the US promotes a valid idea, "that best way to face terrorism is to reinforce human rights, and to give people peaceful means of expression to avoid pushing them towards violence".
The project continues to create the conditions needed by film- and media workers from all walks of life to develop innovative means of expression, identify channels for cultural exchange, support civil society via audio-visual means and create wider platforms for the promotion of democracy and fundamental human rights.
Within the framework of rights and obligations in the Sultanate, al- Rahbi explained that Article 29 of the Sultanate's Basic Law of the State provides that freedom of opinion and expression, speech, writing and other means of expression is guaranteed within the limits of the law, adding that Article (33) describes the freedom of forming associations on a national basis for lawful purposes and by peaceful means consistent with the provisions and objectives of the system are guaranteed in accordance with the conditions and manner specified by the law.
My work with palette knife is like sculpting on canvas with all the means of expression and form it offers.
Freeing up and training the mind to develop unusual, but valuable means of expression allows organizations to provide improved ways of doing things.