means of livelihood

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But the writer of the article in question goes on to point out, with insight and justice, that for a great number of people (20,000, I think he says) it is a means of livelihood - that it is, in his own words, an industry.
"There is nothing so degrading as the constant anxiety about one's means of livelihood. I have nothing but contempt for the people who despise money.
Ryabinin's children will have means of livelihood and education, while yours maybe will not!"
Masterless, penniless, and with my only means of livelihood, fighting, gone, I determined to work my way to the southwest and attempt to retrieve my fallen fortunes in a search for gold.
When a man has lost his only son, his summer's work, and his means of livelihood, in thirty counted seconds, it is hard to give consolation.
Madame Granson, widow of a lieutenant-colonel of artillery killed at Jena, possessed, as her whole means of livelihood, a meagre pension of nine hundred francs a year, and three hundred francs from property of her own, plus a son whose support and education had eaten up all her savings.
I am this day childless, and will ye deprive me of the means of livelihood?''
Having not a penny in the world he was compelled to accept this means of livelihood as soon as it became quite clear to him that there was nothing more to squeeze out of his relations.
What is to me a means of livelihood is to him the merest hobby of a dilettante.
But as a means of livelihood it was by itself insufficient.
According to Mahmud, the means of livelihood of 40 million Nigerians in 11 frontline states who depend on land resources is threatened by soil degradation and desertification.
"I have been preparing idols from three generations and this year I had made 300 idols in different sizes, which would have given me a profit of around 4 lakhs but the floods this year have washed away my only means of livelihood. How will we survive now?" he said.