means of protection

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NOTTHE COUNTRY JINNAH IMAGINED The one name under who the entire nation remains huddled as a means of protection and refuge is that of Jinnah
The Deputy Minister of Interior said there had been big security preparations for the elections and his ministry spend over 700 million dinars on acquiring equipments and means of protection.
30pm and 3pm, Other activities that cannot be stopped due to technical reasons, such as cement pouring, can also continue, but employers must ensure workers are given appropriate means of protection from the heat, as well as frequent breaks.
A more satisfying scheme would be to provide some immediate safe means of protection.
Some of the fans were punching out at the police, it was really bad going for the police and it was necessary for them to respond by using their batons as a means of protection.
Mr Herbert replied: "It has been the policy of successive Governments that requests for the possession and carriage of firearms for personal protection purposes are refused on the grounds that these are not an acceptable means of protection in Great Britain.
My recommendation would be to use other means of protection for infants younger than 6 months, such as clothing, shade, and covered strollers.
He finally solicited the state to provide means of protection from diseases in order to preserve the agriculture sector and to safeguard poultry.
Let the Lebanese cling to their faith and have confidence in themselves, as a means of protection from the evil of the storms that threaten freedom.
The march aims at rising the awareness of the society towards the importance of the regular physical activity to avoid health problems, correct some of the health behaviors in the members of the society, familiarize them with the means of protection against diseases and providing them with the health data on the services rendered to them.
Apparently, they use the Bulgarian passports to travel more easily, and to a certain extent as a means of protection from repressions on part of the FYROM authorities.
Textile firms find these initiatives to be the only means of protection against Turkish and Chinese brands dominating the market.