means to an end

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Concepts of good and evil are therefore, in their origin, merely a means to an end, they are expedients for acquiring power.
He too looks with pitying contempt on the material achievements of science and the Liberal party as being mere 'machinery,' means to an end, which men mistakenly worship as though it possessed a real value in itself.
To understand the bizarre behavior of Mahmoud Abbas, one must realize that Islamic terrorism, is not a means to an end, but an end in itself.
Means to An End is a fine novel of family connections, abusive patterns, and how one girl becomes involved with murder and a romantic encounter that could break the cycle of violence she has borne all her life.
I was acutely conscious that today was a means to an end.
Also, we encourage working with nonprofits to cement our core belief that business practices aren't just a means to an end, but means are an end in itself.
Although he knew his way around numbers and studied economics in the College of Staten Island, Chiellino said that, when he landed a part-time job at Title Guarantee Title Insurance Company during his college years, it was simply a means to an end until his finished his degree.
Form is as much a means to an end, as an end in itself, and in consideration of this site and this family Fobert set about generating a distinctive and specifically shaped concrete figure; a compelling object in its own right, that would reinforce and support the decrepit structure; open up and connect upper and lower ground floors--to creating the desired scale of spaces; and reorder the spatial sequencing--to break up the traditional arrangement of front room, back room and rear extension.
It takes drive, stamina, and determination; it's what very successful people do, not as a means to an end, but as a way of life.
Money is a gift from God, to be used as a means to an end rather than being an end in itself.
Secondly, abortion, that is the direct deliberate killing of an unborn child, as an end in itself or as a means to an end, is prohibited by the Church because it is an intrinsic evil.
The presidential selection process is a means to an end and our end is a presidential selection process that produces the best possible candidates, informed voters and optimum voter participation.