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In other words, the working woman with two kids is not meant to be Mother Teresa: She is meant to be a woman who loves her children, loves her husband, loves her friends and coworkers, and finds meaning in her own world.
Social delirium or the loss of control over the ability to reason accompanied by discursive excesses marked by an obsession with selective historical experiences such as colonialism, results in actions that are meant to redress mythical rather than real grievances.
I know that they meant that trust is important in medical relationships and that acute symptoms often do not tell the whole story.
The gender issue thus becomes the issue of what is taken to be "sexuality": what sex means and what is meant by sex, when, how, and with whom and with what consequences to whom.
Sula's "I never meant anything" may refer to her gesture of ambivalence, of looking at Hannah's fiery dance, feeling neither remorse nor delight.
The Meant To Be styles, fabrics, and most notably its prints, which are primarily shipped in the January to June timeframe will contribute to building our business in the second half of the year.
If one asks me the meaning of our flag, I say to him: It means just what Concord and Lexington meant, what Bunker Hill meant.
Cassise's actions were meaningful, but my guess is that the writer really meant that this gentleman moved a large portion of his assets.
The teachings and myths of the great world religions are meant to be appreciated on different levels as one proceeds along life's path.
Unless there's some kind of sameness between what Paul meant and what he means to us today, then you're not hearing Paul's message.