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In the meantime he drifted, resting and recuperating after the long traverse he had made through the realm of knowledge.
In the meantime he was not in need of money, for several of his later stories had been accepted and paid for.
Meantime, of course, policemen were coming on a run, and as a crowd gathered other police got excited and sent in a riot call.
In a couple of days Durham and Company had electric fans up to cool off the rooms for them, and even couches for them to rest on; and meantime they could go out and find a shady corner and take a "snooze," and as there was no place for any one in particular, and no system, it might be hours before their boss discovered them.
In the meantime, intelligence was received of the mischief that Commodore Porter was doing among the British whale ships.
replied Mazarin, with his Italian smile; "that may happen one day; but in the meantime "
In the meantime the captain's horses were daily gaining strength, and their hoofs improving, which had been worn and battered by mountain service.
In the meantime Captain Bonneville and the residue of the party moved on to the appointed camping ground; thither the most expert runners succeeded in driving numbers of buffalo, which were killed hard by the camp, and the flesh transported thither without difficulty.
In the meantime, Emily, left by herself, had her own correspondence to occupy her attention.
In the meantime, we could never make out where he got the drink.
In the meantime, outside the palace walls, the poor White Duck swam up and down the pond; and near it laid three eggs, out of which there came one morning two little fluffy ducklings and a little ugly drake.
Trouble not yourself about your Wife," said my Guide: "she will not be long left in anxiety; meantime, let us take a survey of Flatland.